The Ghost-Riddled Knickerbocker; Pennsylvania's Most Haunted Hotel

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The historic Knickerbocker Hotel has a long reputation for being haunted. Over the years, hundreds of reports have flooded the hotel owners concerning objects being moved and thrown across the room by unseen forces.

The Ideal Setting for the Team from Paranormal State

If you just happen to be one of those people who enjoy communicating with ghosts, then settling into a comfy bed and snuggling up in a quaint room where the ghosts are known to make a little noise is really no big deal. For paranormal researchers, it is the ideal setting. Featured on A&E's Paranormal State, episode 19; the Knickerbocker delivered the ultimate communications with ghosts through video, audio and photography. The team had absolutely no issues whatsoever when it came down to proving the existence of paranormal activity at the haunted hotel that never failed to be on point at every turn.

The historic Knickerbocker Hotel has a long reputation for being haunted. Guests are often fooled by the hotel's tranquil appearance of peaceful calm as it sits nestled on an unassuming street corner, located in the borough of Linesville, Pennsylvania. In most storms though, the calm usually buffers the signs of what is to come once all hell breaks loose, and once you have stepped foot in the Knickerbocker's front door, you will discover why it is a well-known hotbed of paranormal commotion at it's best.

Haunting Evidence is Present with Ectoplasmic Mist

Built in 1882 by M.A. Arnold, the Knickerbocker Hotel was originally owned and ran by the Arnold family. The family lived in the upper part of the hotel. Sadness and loss quickly found it's way to the Arnold family with the death of Clara Arnold, who succumbed to tuberculosis, just three years after the hotel was built. Clara Arnold was just 37 years old when her life ended so dramatically on that cold, wintery day in February of 1885. It is believed that she more than likely died in her own bed in the hotel where the family resided in the living quarters. The grave plot records from the Linesville Cemetery indicate that the family lost a young child some time before Clara Arnold passed away.

The headstone of Clara and her child are located at the eastern end of the cemetery, just off of Wallace Avenue, less than a mile from the hotel in row 44; graves 4 & 5. The remaining four Arnold family plots today set empty. Today, Clara's ghost and the spirit of her young child are strong presences at the Knickerbocker. A tiny tot has been heard laughing and giggling despite there being no children staying at the establishment at the time of the reported incident.

Since 2005, Peg and Myrle Knickerbocker have owned the haunted hotel. The couple were aware of the many ghost stories that have circulated around the Crawford County business for more than one-hundred years. None of this bothered the open-minded couple, but of course Peg is a Sensitive who has the ability to pick up on vibrations that make her susceptible to external agents and minute differences within the surrounding energy and atmosphere. On her own, Peg has captured footage of ectoplasmic mist that she has posted on the investigations page of their website. Guests and several investigative groups have been presented with similar evidence while staying at the hotel.

The Sensation of Cold Fingers & Chilling Sounds at the Knickerbocker Hotel

Over the years, hundreds of reports have flooded the hotel owners concerning objects being moved and thrown across the room by unseen forces. Several guests claim to have been touched by what can only be explained as the sensation of cold fingers, and a few have had the sensation of being pushed, pulled and shoved while on the staircase. Chilling sounds later played back from electronic voice phenomena recordings conducted over the last decade can only be interpreted as spirit voices since there was nobody in the room and they were recorded in complete silence at different times by Keystone Paranormal, Paranormal State and the Oil Region Paranormal Investigation Team.

An Unexplained Anomaly of Black Mass Encompasses a Rocking Chair

While visiting the Knickerbocker Hotel in 2008, ORPIT had the experience of capturing an unexplained black mass encompassing a nearby rocking chair during their investigation. The anomaly did not appear in the shape of a person or apparition, but instead came across as a unified body of matter with no specific definition. The owners will openly tell you that some people hear voices at the Knickerbocker, while others see things. Not many enter the front door without feeling something that is undeniably chilling. To date, all of the psychic and mediums who have been to the haunted establishment have had at least one of these experiences.

Location: 115 W. Erie Street, Linesville, Pennsylvania



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author avatar Nancy Czerwinski
23rd May 2015 (#)

Sherri, excellent article as always. I've been reading your articles for years and they just keep getting better and better. Of course I will not be visiting this place because as you know I'm not the bravest soul in the world. Smiles to you today and always.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
23rd May 2015 (#)

The truth is out there but facts are facts. Thanks Sherri for sharing with us these chilling accounts of paranormal and unexplained activities - siva

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author avatar Sherri Granato
23rd May 2015 (#)

Thanks. Smiles to you too, Nancy!

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author avatar Kingwell
23rd Jun 2015 (#)

Thanks for sharing. Blessings.

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author avatar M G Singh
9th Aug 2015 (#)

Thrilling. i love such stories and have had a practical experience as well

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