The Ghost of Abraham Lincoln

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The ghost of President Abraham Lincoln still haunts the White House

A Presidential Ghost Story

Lincoln was assassinated in 1865 but his spirit still dwells in the reputed White House and it was first proved when a staff member of Benjamin Hanson saw his spook in 1889. His ghost is the most seen ghost in the building encountered by more than dozens of people. He was seen many times in and around the area of Lincoln Room where his bed is kept; in the Yellow Oval room which was his library, and numerous other rooms and hallways. During his presidential era, he had held many séances in order to contact with leaders of the history asking them for guidance whenever he was in doubt, like it is said that Daniel Webster guided him in taking the historic decision of freeing the slaves. Also when Lincoln’s son Willie unexpectedly died, his family held a séance in hope to meet with his spirit. The reason of Lincoln’s refusing to leave the house can be explained in many ways. He might have developed an intense attachment with the place which saw him raised to glory and greatness. Other people say he might be searching for his son Willie here whom he had lost during his presidential reign. Others say his spirit might had been trapped in the White House during a séance which his sobbing wife had held just after he was murdered.

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author avatar Denise O
28th Nov 2010 (#)

Could be.
Thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar mysterycollection
28th Nov 2010 (#)

But it might not be true. :>

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author avatar Jay beacham
19th Jan 2011 (#)

I play Lincoln's Ghost from the stand point of the Ghost of Daniel Webster who is said to ask"How stands the Union?'
Those things concern the living, why not the dead who were so concerned about saving the Union?

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author avatar Greenfaol
18th May 2011 (#)

Good information, I didnt know any of this :D

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