The Ghosts of the Manson Murders

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It was the barbaric act of man slaughter of a family inside their own house. That was a really terrible mas murder that was given the name, The Mansion Murders. The Washington, D.C. mayor named it as “An Act of Evil,” and the police investigation team concluded that there were more than one man involved in such a heinous act.

The Story that is Revolving

Sharon Tate, who was born on 24th of January in the year 1943, was an American Actress of the 1960's era, who was well known by her beauty and sex appeal. She was said to be one of the accomplished newcomer actress in Hollywood Film Industry. She and her husband met at the Roman Polanski when they were working together on the project, "The Fearless Vampire Killers". They both married in the year 1968. It is said that she got pregnant and was carrying a child, a few months older.
Sharon was killed along with other fellows by the group of Mansion Murderers. The bodies belonging to her mates named: Steven Parent, Jay Sebring, Abigail Folger and Wojciech Frykowski along with Sharon Tate were found by the Polanski housekeeper,named, Winifred Chapman, on her arrival to work, the next morning.

Haunted Happenings at the Mansion Murders Nearby House

The Mansion Murder House was demolished completely in the year 1994 . Let us stuck to the topic that depicts the haunted surroundings of that place.
After about four to five years after demolishing the house, a nearby plot was purchased by a man for around $ 40,000.
While the house was in its construction phase and its roof was built , a worker told Oman (who was the son of the man who purchased that house),that he was hearing some strange voices as well as some footsteps sounds coming from the top roof and he was feeling the presence of some dark energy but nothing was seen. Other workers described that they were disturbed by some cold and breezing wind touching their necks. When Oman started living there, he witnessed a full body ghost like entity, who was pointing to the place, where Sharon and her mates were murdered.

The Ghostly Activities that Fascinated Oman

Oman has the passion as well as obsession for Paranormal Activities. From the last ten years, he has invited dozens of paranormal investigators to his house who've done several scientific investigations and got the clearing fluctuations on their emf devices which could be a sign of something unusual. He says that first most popular figure whom he invited was non other than the parapsychologist Barry Taff, who said that over his 4,000 cases which he investigated, this house has the clear indications of paranormal activities and the emf readings that he has never seen in his entire life of investigation. He named the house as ‘the Mount Everest of haunted houses' or 'the Disneyland for the dead.’”
Oman himself is a spiritual person and he lives quite well with the entities as they haven't done anything wrong to him. In fact, he enjoys living in parallel with them.

In the year 2011, Oman had the privilege to serve both as a writer as well as producer on House at the End of the Drive, which was a fictional movie based on his personal observations on Cielo Drive. In every new month, he allows the visitors to enter his house and enjoy their creepy tour.


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