The Greatest Gift: But at times we do not seem to want it

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Think about it, we all want to be perfect and we all want to always win. But, it does not always happen that way. But here is the catch: If everything were perfect and we always won, there would still not be consistent perfection for there would be boredom still. Perfection is an idea, not so much a reality as we shall see in this article. But our idea is attainable if we accept the gift with graciousness.

When you know it all, and have it all, where is there to grow?

There is a gift we are given in life that we do not always want, but it is necessary to our growth. This gift sometimes at critical moments ends friendships, does seemingly bad things that are really good in reality and works on our last nerve: That gift is criticism that is productive and constructive. Without accepting that gift, we live in the illusion of perfection that even ends up a sort of destructive thing in too many ways. For, indeed that gift is a principle of understanding that we need to stay on the right path in life. It is never really a mean gift, just undesirable at times, especially when we think we have it right and "tight".

Realistically, I hate this gift myself when I get it sometimes like anyone human, but, I understand it, so ultimately I love the gift when I apply it right. Some of you get my meaning there, and some of you do not. But, the best gifts are those that help the most even when we do not like them. Constructive and productive criticism is one of those. For, if you know it all and have it all, and "are it all", where is there to grow?

So, I will ask a really silly seeming question: Who wants to be criticized? If you gave the answer: I do not want to be criticized, I am fine the way I am. The point of this article is starting to become obvious to you and it is time to grow and get better. After all, from criticism of a sports game to life criticism, there is always room to grow realistically, especially when we think there is not and we have reached that supposed perfection pinnacle. After all, think on this fact and principle: Perfection is a mind created perception and there is always room for change and growth over time. Sure, sometimes, we do not want to know these facts, but we do need to know them, because life and existence work as principles where we do what is needed usually, not exactly what is wanted always. So, where I am coming from is this: Everyone, including myself has a choice to use their own judgement as needed and wanted, in that order, to genuinely grow. Nobody can make that choice for us except ourselves.

Time and all that is possible with it, this is "the big fat honesty" about it:

Let us face it, no matter how much we want it to, nothing stays the same. Criticism helps change really. I just finished reading this book called "The Big Fat Truth" by television producer JD Roth about the weight-loss reality shows that he produces. So, "the big fat honesty" is we either grow powerful or wither and die in life, as we can tell by those "content people" that go nowhere but down after they reach their "level of contentment". So, really think about this statement, and think about it hard: The only perfection that exists is growth over time and betterment, all else is downhill.

I know that the above paragraph is a scary statement in some ways. Some of you are asking, is there a place to stop or some sort of near perfect state of being. I say no, growth is constant, and without it everything goes down; and I can understand if some of you disagree with me fully. But, disagreement does not make right, agreement does not make right or wrong because principles work no matter how one feels about them. So, think about existence. It works on principle regardless of how we feel about those principles. So, let go of your fears and go with life to your consistent growth, that is the only way it gets better forever or close to perfect.

Courage. When the stockbroker gets rich gambling on a pork belly contract and untruthfully chalks it up to skill, charts and all that "meaningful stuff" for a few minutes until they say, "I was willing to take the risks" in an honest moment. Hey, that is a glimpse of what it takes, and the risks it genuinely takes to be genuinely courageous in life and existence. When that poisonous plant becomes non-poisonous food like the tomato was before Italian Marco Polo put the tomato sauce on spaghetti/noodles in the annals of legend. That, although it is a somewhat silly example is an example of courage. My point is that genuine courage is being able to take the rational risk for growth, being content with "the way it has always been done" is fear. Get it? What do you think made "Star Trek" fascinating, Kirk's risks, not always Spock's certainties. If everything were certain in that way, it would be boring. Why do you think sequels were made to the first "Star Trek" motion picture beyond monetary reasons, because logic was leaped beyond to risk and reward. My point about growth is that it takes leaving the comfort zone and taking the rational risk.


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author avatar bhavanichowdhary
18th Apr 2016 (#)

Finally I could fish out what you were trying to say is that-criticism is the greatest gift to grow that leads us to (near) perfection. Am I right?

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author avatar JoshuaClayton
18th Apr 2016 (#)

Almost. What I am saying with this article is that, we must always improve ourselves, no matter what the "comfort zone". I would love to say with smiles and silliness "we are fine the way we are". But, like time goes on, it all goes on, indeed we must grow and better ourselves with time.

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