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Sometimes, I admit, I feel like "the greatest failure in existence" to put it mildly. But, here is a formula that will be revealed in this article to deal with those feelings and "musings" that will keep even the most "hopeless of us going" or the most optimistic of us going when those feelings arise.

This is the gamut:

Let us face it, reality does not play favorites, it is like electricity or molecular structures and the forces of nature: It just is, and we must deal with whatever may come in an honestly realistic way to ultimately succeed.

Today, I was feeling really bad about life, as if it owed me something and something "good and big". Well, if we want something "good and big", we have to give to life something "good and big" as payment. At the very least, we must be grateful for every breath we take above ground, because as long as we are there, that is our chance to succeed.

You know, I look at things this way: As long as I can take positive, productive action, I will take those actions. But first, I do not want to succeed, I want to understand. What I mean by the word "understand" is to understand how to create repeatable success and genuinely eschew all failure through experience and genuine understanding. Without that understanding and depending on luck, fortune, first-time success by providence and the like, I really am a "one hit wonder" without the genuine asset of experience. Indeed, for me, that truly and honestly is death in the sense, that I cannot go further without a genuine understanding and experience that will make me have genuine and enduring success.

Real success indeed does depend on two factors then in my eyes: Real experience, and genuine understanding of that real experience. Other than that, you are just depending on providence, first-time luck and the like.

There is not a quitting time, just time to genuinely reflect, understand then try again

The total title of this section describes the genuine and repeatable success process to a "tee". You cannot succeed repeatedly without understanding how to genuinely succeed as a habit. In fact, I can say the best habit is consistent success. Not perfect success, but consistent. The worst habit is failure, with first time lucky success at the beginning. In short, I get what it takes to really succeed and really fail.

Inspiration happens, but without perspiration at first, inspiration is not repeatable or perfectible. We can see that fact with the greatest successes in existence right down to Jesus Christ and Prince Siddhartha Gautama Buddha and their stories, dramas, and all of that. The greatest winners do not win the lottery in one shot with millions that come easy, no, they can repeat their successes small or large through experience and understanding that is genuine. So, reality's only "favorite" is the person who succeeds through that version of really trying, really understanding and putting in the work, hard or easy.

At best

We can expect from life what we give to it, genuinely. Without that giving and just taking though, life and existence will be waiting for us with that "stuffed club of bad fate" around the corner. But, we can avoid that by being astute enough to get genuine experience and understanding about what life and existence are and how to genuinely succeed in it. It does not take any understanding or experience to fail, but it does take understanding and experience to repeatedly succeed. This is at best. I mentioned enough of the worst for you to understand what it takes not to be it. All that has to happen is application of the best principles to be the best anyhow.


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