The Haunted Whispers Estate in Mitchell, Indiana; Home of the Whispering Walls

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Ranked the fourth most terrifying destination in America by the Travel Channel, the Whispers Estate never has a dull moment. Dark shadows, whispers coming from the walls, moving objects, foul odors, and active entities keep the guests entertained around the clock.

A Bed & Breakfast with a Unique & Colorful History that Will Send Chills Up Your Spine

If the imposition of a ghost walking through your body doesn't send chills up your spine, you have come to the right place. The Whispers Estate offers passionately curious people and ghost hunters personal paranormal encounters that are reserved for those kindred spirits that find intensely haunted surroundings a truly amazing experience. Built in 1899 as a family home for Dr. John and his wife, Jessie Gibbons. The doctor used the house as his office, working and operating his practice from the first floor. Amputations and other surgery was carried out at the doctor's hands, with many reported as unnecessary procedures. The unique and colorful history of life and death at the bed & breakfast makes the Whispers Estate the perfect target where the walking dead are concerned. Once opened to the public for overnight visits, paranormal investigators have been lining up at the doors of the 3,700 square foot Victorian, angel guarded, paranormal hot spot to get their fill of one of the most haunted bed & breakfast venues in the entire state of Indiana. After the renovations began on the structure, the estate quickly became known for having walls that whisper, furthermore bringing with the ghost stories, thousands of skeptics who visit the popular estate each year, leaving most a believer that the notion of communicating with the spirits is no longer a questionable possibility, but in fact it is a reality.

Tragedy Strikes at the Gibbons Home, Bringing Suffering and the Loss of Four Lives

Documentation from overnight guests claiming to have heard a singing child has grown over the years, which is really not surprising when you consider that the Gibbons family included three adopted children. The Gibbon's young daughter, Rachel died in the home after sustaining severe burns from a fire in the parlor on Christmas day from a lit candle the turned her small body into an inferno. The child suffered for two days before succumbing to the injuries brought on by the blaze. Not long after Rachel's death, the Whispers Estate began to experience sightings of the girl in various locations throughout the house. Not long after the loss of their daughter, Rachel, John and Jessie's infant daughter, Elizabeth perished in the home, but this time the death took place in the Master bedroom. A baby's cries have been heard coming from the room late at night and the faint smell of baby powder is often detected when walking into the room.

Depression and stress brought on by the loss of two children took it's toll on Jessie Gibbons, who developed respiratory issues that quickly developed into pneumonia, possibly brought on by a weak immune system and heightened from mourning and other physical factors. She lost her battle just two short weeks after the loss of her baby, Elizabeth, also in the Master bedroom. Guests walking into the room have described the feeling of chest pressure, wheezing, coughing, and the feeling of not being able to freely breathe. While the upstairs carries quite a haunted history of paranormal activity, the stairs have an eerie story all of their own. Another child, a small boy who also lived on the estate met his death from the severe blows to his body acquired after falling down the stairs. People have felt his presence when ascending the steps with what feels like a quick cold pocket of air. Many other people claim to have seen the small boy at the top of the steps, and then he descends the staircase, walking right through their bodies as he plummets to the landing below.

Undeniable Paranormal Evidence Makes the Whispers Estate a Media Sensation

In 2006, the haunted Victorian home changed owners and was turned into a bed & breakfast, appropriately named, Whispers Estate to emulate the whispers that permeate throughout the walls and rooms inside of the eloquent structure. Owner,Van Renier welcomes believers and skeptics to come and visit his beautiful and historic Victorian home. The haunted estate has since gained the attention of paranormal investigators from all over the world. Media attention brought on by the overwhelming and undeniable paranormal evidence has been the source and inspiration for several of the books penned concerning the many ghosts, apparitions and entities living on the Whispers Estate. In the book, "Haunted Travels of Indiana", written by, Mark Marimen, ghost hunters will learn about rare details dedicated to the Whispers Estate, delving into preternatural phenomena and the ghosts that are behind the stories.

Word of mouth has never slowed down from overnight guests who have experienced the unexplained events and extreme diabolical activity that takes place at the Whispers Estate. The bed & breakfast is so active, that it was becoming harder to ignore the obvious, that it needed to be featured in it's very own documentary. Since then, the activity along with several paranormal investigations at the inn have been featured on the SyFy,Travel, and Biography Channels. The investigators always show up, fully armed with laser grids, shadow detectors, DVR systems, infrared and thermal imaging cameras, EMF detectors, ambient thermometers, seismographs, and audio recorders.

The Travel Channel Ranked the Bed & Breakfast the Fourth Most Terrifying Destinations in America

The SyFy Channel offered viewers a special segment, known as "Children of the Grave." The team was completely floored by the amount of activity that circled around the entire estate. There was never a dull moment. Several toys came flying down the steps, doors open and shut on their own, entities were caught on camera, and the disturbing odors of burning flesh and rotting corpses caused the feeling of nausea for those experiencing the foul smells. Cologne, tobacco and vintage medicine were also detected wafting through the air at the precise moment of witnessing dark shadows and full-bodied apparitions. In 2010, the Travel Channel ranked the bed & breakfast as being the 4th most terrifying destination in America.

In the fall of 2010 the Central Ohio paranormal research group investigated the Whispers Estate, walking away with further proof of what they already suspected. The bed & breakfast is nothing short of being one of the most haunted destinations on the planet. Loaded with cameras and other equipment, the team set up for a long night of work. Footsteps on the second floor could clearly be heard by the investigative team, and upon further inspection they were met with unlocateable growls that emanated throughout the entire structure. EVPs picked up the whispering voices of a man and a woman, while the clear sound of a child's laugh was easily detected. While stationed in the doctor's office, the voice of an angry male entity yelled, "You Go!"

A Dark Entity Gives the Ghost Walkers Chills in the Basement

The Ghost Walkers made a visit to the Whispers Estate in 2014, leaving cameras intact throughout various parts of the inn in order to establish proof of paranormal activity. They were not disappointed. In fact, they left convinced that the building has a portal that allows ghosts and other entities to come and go as they see fit. A dark entity freely roams in the basement, causing chaos, chills and a feeling of uneasiness. It was undoubtedly a male figure who the team encountered and they assumed him to be none other than Doctor John Gibbons. Women staying at the inn have reported being touched and a few have found marks on their body to prove the contact actually occurred. In the back of the estate visitors will locate a mini cemetery where four graves sit as a reminder as the final resting place for those lost souls who once thrived happily within the home before tragedy struck.

Location: 714 W Warren Street, Mitchell, Indiana 47446

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author avatar brendamarie
27th Aug 2015 (#)

Great article. Sounds like a very interesting place to visit. although, I do not like the idea of the mini graveyard in the back.

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author avatar Sherri Granato
27th Aug 2015 (#)

Thanks, brendamarie!

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author avatar snerfu
27th Aug 2015 (#)

Strange yet intriguing, the Whispers Estate surely takes the cake for being a spooky place. It is frightening enough to have whispering walls. Try with banishees and you have a loaded agenda on your hands.
Is there any other way home, please?

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author avatar Nancy Czerwinski
27th Aug 2015 (#)

Sherri, this is without a doubt the scariest haunting of all! I'm home alone reading this and I really should have waited till someone was home. This is scary to say the least. At this point I'm saying my prayers. I will not be in attendance at this Bed and Breakfast. I couldn't take it.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
31st Aug 2015 (#)

Hats off to overnight stayers for having the gumption to take in the goings on! And to come back to tell the tale!

Thanks Sherri for this absorbing share - siva

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author avatar Carol Roach
3rd Sep 2015 (#)

It sounds like a lot of tormented souls still linger there

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author avatar Retired
6th Sep 2015 (#)

Terrific story! Thanks for the share!

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author avatar Kingwell
24th Sep 2015 (#)

Another great story! Blessings.

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author avatar Tim Nolan
17th Feb 2017 (#)

We're going to be investigating there tomorrow night! (2/18/17)
We have been investigating places for the past 15 years and are anxious to see what we find there!
Wish us luck!

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author avatar Lori Walters
29th Apr 2017 (#)

How was it???

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author avatar Lori Walters
29th Apr 2017 (#)

I have a small group going tonight! I've wanted to do this for several years and am so excited. I hope it's still as active as it's been reported to be.

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