The Hauntings of Toby's Walk Suffolk

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Toby's walk in Suffolk. It is named Toby's walk because of a murder that took place in the 1750's and Toby is known to be haunting the area!
Toby's walk is set in a village called Blythburgh which is just past Southworld on the A12.

Toby's walk a place to have fun.

Toby’s walk is a lovely place where kids and adults can play, run around, have fun, have picnics, run up and down the hills, play hide and seek and other games to. We used to go there a lot when I was a kid on a Sunday afternoon and we had great fun there.
I also took my son there when he was younger and like us he loved it!
Now we just go and walk the dog and sometimes we have a run up and down the hills.
The common was an old quarry, and it has been said that some whale bones and mammoth bones have been found there.

A bit about Toby.

There was a man called Toby Gill ( Tobias) He was a coloured man who was a drummer in the Sir Robert Rich’s 4th Dragoon Regiment.
In 1750 they were based in East Anglia to combat the local smugglers.
Toby was a pleasant man very muscular his nickname was Black Tob.
But when Toby got drunk he did end up in fights and his personality would change and because of this he had been banned from many local pubs.

One night In June.

Well one night in June 1750 he went to the pub as normal and got drunk.
The next morning he was found laying by a lady’s body.
The Lady was called Anne Blakemore.

Anne came from a nearby village called Walberswick.
The story was said that apparently a drunk Toby Gill had murdered and maybe even raped Anne.

When Toby was woken up he swore he had never touched Anne.
Toby tried to declare his innocents but to no avail He was sentence to death,

The hanging

Toby was to be hung on the 14 September 1750, next to were he had murdered Anne. But Toby didn't want to be hung he asked if he could be dragged by a rope behind the local mail coach. This was not allowed so he was to be hung.

There were Gallows set and a post of chains set to hang Toby.
On the way to his hanging Toby was still trying to declare his innocents but still no one would believe him, so he was sentence to his death in the place where he had supposedly killed Anne Blakemore.


Did Toby kill Anne Blakemoor?

When all had settle down in the village there were questioned being raised to whether or not Toby did actually kill Anne.
The coroner admitted that there were no marks on Anne’s Body what so ever and there was little evidence pointing to Toby Gill, or that she had even been murdered but died
due to natural courses!

So poor Toby was hung for a crime he didn't even commit, and no one would believe him when he tried to tell them he didn't do it.
I am sure there are many other people that have been hung for things they didn't do.

Hauntings and the Hanging post

Blythbough Common known as Toby’s walk is now suppose to be haunted by Toby near to were he had been hung. Perhaps Toby is trying to find some Justice and one day will be able to lay peacefully at rest. Also Anne Blakemoor is supposed to be haunting Toby’s walk and it is known that she cross the road in front of cars and then disappear.
(There has been some terrible accidents near Toby's walk on the main road wonder if she could have been the course of them.)

It has also be said that on some nights you can hear Toby charging across the Common on a mail coach being drawn by some charging horses!

The hanging post that was used to hang Toby on remained on the common for some years after.
I am not sure when they took it down but it was most probably falling apart with rot when they did.

The common has got a spooky feel about it in the evening.



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author avatar Denise O
20th Oct 2010 (#)

So, have you ever seen Toby or Anne? Just curious.
Good read.
Thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar johnnydod
20th Oct 2010 (#)

Wow Kerry, you scared the life out of me teeehee.. great story and so well written, good for you

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author avatar krrymarie
20th Oct 2010 (#)

Thank you Denise.
I haven't seen them but would love to!
A few years back some friends and I used to go ghost hunting but never went there.
I am a bit physic and have picked on on stuff form other places but not there :-(

Thank you Johnny. LOL!

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author avatar Greenfaol
20th Jan 2011 (#)

Great article, excellent story. Haven't heard that one before. Very well told. Thanks for that :D

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author avatar Ben
9th Mar 2017 (#)

can u write a poem about this in the style of the sea tongue by kevin crossely holland

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author avatar Billy Lund
6th Jan 2019 (#)

A band called Zingaro Blue have recorded to you tube a song about Toby Gill. It's Good.

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