The Highgate Cemetery Vampire

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Have you ever visited the Highgate Cemetery or heard of the Highgate vampire in London?

The Highgate Cemetery in London

The Highgate Cemetery in London is supposed to be one of the most eeriest places to walk around. There is an eerie story about this cemetery that I want to share with you all.

Between the 1960's and the 1970's, there were rumors that a tall, dark figure with red eyes was seen wandering around the cemetery. Apparently, the figure terrorized some people at this place. It was being said that the figure could be a vampire. Can you believe this?

The Highgate Vampire

There was publicity to suggest that there was a Highgate vampire lurking the area. In 1969, one of the members of a group of people interested in the occult spent the night at Highgate Cemetery. He wrote that he saw a grey figure, which he thought to be supernatural and asked if anyone else had seen anything. Others said they had seen ghosts that were haunting the area. Most people said they saw a tall man in a hat, a woman in white and a face glaring through bars on a gate.

A Vampire Hunter

I have read on the internet that a man named Bishop Sean Manchester, who was a an exorcist and vampire hunter, wrote a book called The Highgate Vampire. In this book, Manchester gives details of witnesses who have seen a weird looking figure with demonic eyes. He, also, states that there were mysterious illnesses of two Highgate girls who were sleepwalking and had puncture-wound injuries. He writes about dead foxes and dead human corpses that were found in the cemetery. There was, also, one decapitated corpse that was found at the cemetery. This book really does sound interesting to me and very scary.

So, what do you all make of this story?

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
30th May 2014 (#)

how fascinating this I often walked there but never saw nothing...good job am such a scaredy pants!!!!

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31st May 2014 (#)


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author avatar Denise Larkin
1st Jun 2014 (#)

Thanks Carolina and Moore.

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