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This article is about something other than what we were tought.

It all started in 2016

I was cleaning up my desk today, 6th of August 2018, and came across an old notebook. As a curious being, I didn't hesitate to open it up, and to my surprise this is what I have found.


I came to a very clear conclusion in a long time, today(14th of December 2016).
It is, that everything we encounter in our lives with regards to problems, either financial, work or health, are all due to our mind. Yes, the great human mind. A gift that we received from the moment of creation, but was it really a gift? I see it more as a test, a learning curve for humans. For us to reach our full potential we only need to master one thing: OUR OWN MIND. The human mind is like a 7 year old child, always questioning, in doubt, never listening to a grown-up - in this case our intuition, over excited, easily fooled. This is the simplest way I can characterise the human mind.
Lets take a look at the beginning. Believer or not, I think there are some aspects we can take from religion (of any kind I guess), that make sense.
As a side note, I do believe in creationism and evolution, and I strongly believe that both this processes have helped us to become who we are today and played their part very well, but form now on it is our duty to take over and bring the human race into the future.
Back to our story, when God (Gods, Creators, Higher Beings, Aliens etc) made Man in His/Their own image, one would expect that creation to be a mirror image of the creator and therefore perfection. You see, our maker/s design and build our bodies to perfection, with one little big problem, and I will come back to this in a little while.
I always loved logical thinking. For me to be satisfied, everything must make sense. If there is a problem, there is always a solution, you only need to find it. Therefore, if humans were made to perfection, why we are imperfect? Getting sick from all kind of disease, weak, ageing, too fat, too skinny. To me, this is not perfection, but rather a problem that needs a solution. Something that people can say: Yes, it makes sense. This is the type of solution I will try my best to present the reader with, in this article.
One of my favourite scientist is Nicola Tesla, a Serbian born American scientist that spent his time understanding electricity. He is the father of AC generator that we use today for harvesting electricity. Throughout his life, Tesla did mentioned that sometimes he will get inspiration or solutions from higher beings, maybe from space. Just like Tesla, I have the same felling sometimes, but a different solution.
Is it possible that we might just have the answer to any question, the solution to any problem embedded within ourselves, deep inside our minds or perhaps encoded in our DNA? Something left there by our creator/s for us to find and use as a companion to our given perfection? It makes sense to me, and yet we are so far from perfection and ultimate knowledge that makes me think: What went wrong? Well, nothing went wrong, it is that we were created with a small flaw, an intentional one, to be more precise.
Let’s look at it this way. You, or anyone else on this planet, makes something perfect, give it unlimited knowledge, a mind of its own and let it free into the world. Would you be confident on doing this without a safety switch? I know I wouldn't, so why would our creator/s?
Well, they didn't. You see, they gave us perfection, unlimited knowledge and a mind to hold us back. Yes, the human mind is the switch. We learn to master this thing and we will finally reach our full potential.
To be continued...


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