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When I opened my eyes,I saw all the eyes...∆♱¤♂
Every company wants to be a part of the elite it seems.

The eyes are eyeing you;)

I am far from an extreme conspiracy theorist.However,I do know the government has to lie sometimes about certain events.It's not hard to understand why our government covers up things they don't think we should know.Now having said that,I must include that,sometimes the govt.gets a bit cocky with their abilities,and the so called"cover up,"becomes obvious.However there is nothing you can do to convince the world.
Like I said,I am not an EXTREME conspiracy theorist,but some conspiracies are just too blatant to ignore.I recently found some conspiracies involved with the Sandy Hook shootings.I am definitely not denying that a tragedy happened.My heart goes out to all the families,but I am saying some exaggerations were made.These exaggerations were conjured,to tug on heart strings,and cause negative reactions toward guns.One example amidst this tragedy,were the photos of the president with the family of one of the victims of the shooting.Lo and behold,the girl who was supposedly shot,was in several photographs before someone realized the mistake,and rushed her out.There are a lot more,but it is not this,I am trying to convince you of.
The Illuminati was founded in 1776,as a group of free thinkers.They were of high social status,and swore secrecy to the organization,and their superiors.Well,nothing can be completely secret,and over the years,through a couple falling outs,word got around.In modern times,people believe the Illuminati are running the world.Making all of the important choices like,when to start a war,or who to kill for balance of order.
It is human nature to want to be a part of high society.Despite what all the punk rockers,emo and scene kids,anarchists,ect,say.Humans want to be part of an elite,especially when a group says you cannot join.That is why you see a lot of famous people give subtle references to the Illuminati on film,music videos,wardrobe,ect...
While doing some minor research on the group,I noticed some of the symbols they used.Two specifically were,a PYRAMID,and an EYE...Supposedly the"all seeing eye"and a pyramid with beams of light coming from the top.It dawned on me quickly,how many companies use these symbols as their logo.Countless companies across the world have one,or both,a pyramid,and the eye to represent them.
I don't know if it is a subconscious,psychosomatic,method of promotion.If these symbols make a person feel good.I don't know if has anything to do with a religious prophecy,and all the signs are falling into place.It may be that the Illuminati is running the world,and is letting everyone know who is in control...All I know is that they are everywhere,and you'll probably notice more after reading this,but here is the only symbol I need-╬-


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