The Importance of Correct Car Tire Pressure

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Some important facts about tire pressure. How it will save your life and the environment.

Statistics shows

One in three cars driving on any roads has insufficient pressure in its tires. According to research carried out by one of the biggest tire manufacturer in Europe, constant driving when the car pressure is just 0.3 bar too low can reduce the service life of the tire by 30%. And the consequences may well be dangerous, because insufficient tire pressure makes braking distances longer, vehicle handling becomes 'spongy' and, particularly when driving at high speed, there is an increased likelihood of a tire bursting.

At the same time, cars with insufficient pressure in their tires use more fuel than necessary; consumption goes up by around one and a half per cent when the car's tire pressure is just 0.3 bar (i.e. around an eighth) below the manufacturer's recommendation. With a medium range car, that makes an average difference of 16 liters per year.

In addition, the higher fuel consumption means 38kg more CO2 emissions per car per year, something that could be avoided. If one calculates these increased CO2 emissions for the 33% or so of cars driving in any road with the wrong tire pressure, this adds up to an annual total of over 608,000 tons of CO2 - all of which could easily be avoided. These calculations were based on a car using 7.5 liters of fuel per 100 kms (38 mpg) and doing 15,000 kilometers (approx. 10,000 miles) per year. With around 46 million cars currently registered in one European country alone, that means that some 15.2 million of these are driving with insufficient tire pressure.

By checking your tire pressure regularly, you do yourself and the environment a favor. At the same time, it helps you to identify creeping pressure loss caused, for example, by having a nail puncture or a faulty valve. Therefore, expert’s recommends that motorists check their tire pressure every two weeks or each time the car has been refueled - for the sake of their own safety, for the environment and for their wallet. Where possible, tire pressure should be checked whilst the tires are still cold.

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5th Dec 2010 (#)

i got one of those tire pressure gauge. it really helps me a lot.

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