The Importance of Garbage

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The importance human garbage has played in history

No Denying

Humans make a lot of garbage. In fact, no other creature makes as much garbage as humans. You can always define an area as having had human habitation by the amount of garbage.

Ancient sites have lots of broken bits of things strewn all about.

Comparing humans to other mammals, you can't tell if this savannah hosted lions 10,000 years ago, unless you find the bones of lions.

You can tell if this site had human habitation 1,000,000 years ago, because there's crap strewn all about.

What's good about Garbage?

Take our early ancestors, bobbling about, killing stuff, tossing bones and bits they don't like in the corner.

Other animals, smart ones, think;

"But wait, why should I go and risk spraining a paw running down a big whatsit, when I can skeddaddle over here and get some nice juicy bits these slobs have tossed in the corner?"

So crawling out of the bush come a few animals.

Some of them are rats. They are eaten by larger animals, such as the Wolf.

Hence the garbage dump becomes a vertiable eco-system with one animal feeding on the other and scraps fertilising the land.

Smarter than the Average

Now the wolf is a hunter, running after other animals, having to kill them, then tear them apart, working up quite a sweat to get his daily bread.

Now, if the wolf could just get over to this mountain of garbage, he can get some juicy rats as well as leftovers from human waste without lifting a paw.

Being monogamous, his wife is probably with him, and seeing the humans she says;

"Yo, Growl Face, go sit in the back. Let me introduce myself to these slobs."

Mrs. Wolf approaches the garbage, trying not to look threatening. The people see her, and although maybe one of the cavemen wants to toss a stone, his wife says;

"Idiot, don't you see they're eating the rats and moving the garbage, which I asked you to bury four times today already?."

So the humans toss the garbage in a lump with bring out the rats and ignore the wolves which are doing the necessary clean up.
Sort of a synergy here.

As Time Goes By

The baby wolves have grown up snacking in the human dump. Yeah, Dad does go out now and then and brings back some bloody corpse, but the humans cook their meat, and it is easier for puppy teeth.

The humans have filthed up an area pretty well, and there's nothing edible in this mess, so they move on, and the wolves move with them.

Some of the male wolves feel emasculated; I mean, he's a Wolf, not a rat. He can kill his own food. But the baby wolves, they rather sit in the sun all day waiting for dinner.

There's a split in the Wolf community. There are those, traditionalists, who decide to maintain their culture by killing.

Then there are the modernists who figure a free meal is a free meal.

As time passes, there's evolution, and humans and wolves become closer. The wolves becoming less wolf like, and the humans .... stay slobs.


In the Chauvet cave in the Ardèche are footprints. They are those of a nine-year-old child, and so close their bodies must have been touching as they walked along, are the footprints of a dog.

Twenty-six thousand years ago; child and dog.
Dog, which evolved from the wolf.

Dogs, who have learned to adapt to human ways, reading body language, giving their person what they want to get what they want.

Dogs, evolving from the solitary hunter, running in the night to kill something, to sitting on his cushion, waiting for din din.

And there's the human.
Still making a lot of garbage.


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Interesting, informative and very humorous. What more could I want? Great article, kaylar.

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