The Importance of Studying Meteorology

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Meteorology is the study of the weather, which is the climate that surrounds the earth. Meteorology formerly a subject comparatively overlooked is now receiving that attention which its importance deserves.

The Meteorology.

Since the beginning of history, the inequalities of weather in different regions have attracted the attention of humanity but still more the changes which take place in the same place the oscillations of the mean relations of the weather. There is no part of human consciousness in which we get so many more or less distinct or contrasting views as in meteorology, and the phenomena themselves are more complicated than in almost any other department of the natural sciences.

Aristotle was the first who collected, in his work 'On Meteors' the famous prognostics of the weather. A number of these were originated from Egyptians. They had long investigated the field as a branch of astronomy. A large number of collections were the outcome of Aristotle's own theory and had the mark of his singularly thoughtful and reflective mind.

The determination of the weight of the atmosphere by Torricelli in 1643 was of course the first step in the development of meteorology to the rank of a science. The discovery of the air-thermometer by Sanctorius of Padua in 1590 laid the base of a helpful revolution in the science. But the official improver of the thermometer was Fahrenheit. He advanced use of two fixed points in graduating the tool one shown by the melting point of ice, and the other by the boiling point of water at the mean pressure of the atmosphere.

The expansion and consolidation of vegetable and animal substances according as the moisture of the atmosphere are enhanced or decreased, would seem to have suggested the concept of the hygrometer, an apparatus of fair value in meteorology, as indicating the mass of vapor in the air, and inferentially the changes of weather depending thereon. From the time of the invention of these instruments, the number of meteorological observers was significantly expanded, and a large body of highly validated facts of the maximum value began to be collected.

The Meteorologists

Meteorologists try to understand the atmosphere's physical characteristics motions and processes and influence the way the weather disturbs the rest of our environment. The initially identified implementation of this information was learning and predicts the weather. Meteorologists who forecast the weather known professionally as practical or synoptic meteorologists are the largest group of specialists in this field.

They remember the past and current weather information such as air pressure temperature humidity and wind speed and apply physical and mathematical relationships to develop short-range and long-range forecasts. Their statistics come from weather satellites to the Meteorologists in many parts of the world. Although, some reporters still present and analyze weather maps most information now are charted and scrutinized by computers.

Some meteorologists cover in basic and applied research. For instance, physical meteorologists investigate the chemical and material possessions of the atmosphere. They do research on the outcome of the sky on transmission of light, sound and radio waves, as well as, study factors affecting the formation of clouds, rain, snow and other elements occurrences.

More meteorologists branded as climatologists search trends in temperature and analyze records on air, rainfall, sunlight and temperature to determine the pattern of weather that makes up a region's climate. These studies are used to produce heating and cooling systems design buildings and assist in effective land utilization.

Importance of Studying Meteorology.

There is, possibly, no subject connected with the different operations of nature that affords higher importance to the follower of natural happenings, than meteorology. It is satisfying to do this research, which is full of interest, is at length embraced by a large part of the society. The utility derived from watching to Meteorology is evident. We have happily numerous examples of advantages resulting from the research of storms.

By attention to this subject usually with careful study of the barometer and implementation of the computers ships have been kept within the port and saved from the wreck. Human life and resources have been thus preserved which would otherwise have been clearly sacrificed. However, weather information and meteorological research also is useful in many other subjects such as air pollution control, fire prevention, cultivation, air and sea transport and studies trends in the earth's atmosphere.

Neglect of these warnings has ruined thousands and plunged countless others, into tragic and untimely deaths. Meteorology will provide statistics enough to convince us that, to be safe. Periodical readings from meteorological instruments ought to be taken by all who have the facilities of concern at control. During periods of crop farmers might often keep their crops in a better environment by diligently watching the weather reports.

It is at all seasons of the year, a pleasing and, in numerous instances, a useful employment, to witness the different changes of the weather, particularly in so irregular a climate as this is. Meteorology, both in its normal and in its outstanding indications, furnishes sufficient materials for the purpose of the scientific enquirer.

What is Weather, Climate, and Meteorology? - Vid

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author avatar Ian R Thorpe
24th Sep 2013 (#)

Good article. We always have to be careful not to fall into the trap that caught the Global Warming scientists, they were unable to differentiate between the mathematical models and what was going on in reality.

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
24th Sep 2013 (#)

this is marvellously interesting you think Pythagoras through numbers did work on this ....thank you so very much

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
24th Sep 2013 (#)

Excellent article Sukkran!

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author avatar M G Singh
25th Sep 2013 (#)

In the Air Force we have an entire branch dedicated to this

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25th Sep 2013 (#)

Great advice and page...!

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author avatar Trillionaire
26th Sep 2013 (#)

Great information, it is important.

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author avatar joyalariwo
17th Oct 2013 (#)

Nice article sukkran, weather is vital to human existence so of cos it must be studied.

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6th Nov 2013 (#)

Nice article!

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25th Nov 2013 (#)

Very informative and well written post Sukkran!

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16th May 2016 (#)

Very informative and a good lesson for school learners

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31st Aug 2016 (#)

I am now pregnant with fantastic meteorological knowledge

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7th Dec 2017 (#)

I like this courses

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