The Inner Man

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You can lie to everybody else but yourself. When the day is done and you are by yourself then the true person immerges, the inner man without pretense or a mask. So how can you truly know an individual and what molds a person to be who they are?

Who are You?

What makes a person and can one really know who someone is irrespective of the time spent with the individual? There is the ongoing question in most of the job interviews that one attends, tell us about yourself.

I have never met a person who believed that he/she was bad but the situation in our lives makes us the people that we become.

This question came about the other day after my good friend Eva who I know for a fact is kind and compassionate and can give you almost anything that she has with no reservations told me about an incident at their work place.

She has been working in this company for the last three years and last year was a bit difficult since her boss had not paid her salary for four months without any explanation offered. On this material day her boss wanted to use the restroom and could not get access to it since it was locked and she is the one who keeps the key. When he came for the key, she explained to him that she had misplaced it and since there was a copy with a colleague she went to get it.

When she came back she told her boss that she did not find it.

What is absurd about this is that she actually went and got the key and hid it.
I could not understand how Eva would do such a thing and to make matters worse, she explained to me that she actually pretended to help him look for the key.
Eventually her boss left without using the restroom and Eva later put back the keys in their right place. What surprised me is the fact that she was not remorseful about having done that.

So the question that still needs to be asked is who is a person really? Is the inner man different from the person we all see? Please let me know your answer.


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