The Job

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A consideration of how we view our job and it's impact on our lives.

The Job

Why do we allow “it” to define us so readily? After all aren’t we much more than what we do for a living? But each one of us is so aligned with what we do that it is one of the first things we hit upon when we begin a conversation with a new individual. As if what we “do” is a statement of who and what we are. But for most all of us our job encompasses so much of our waking time that we are shaped by what we do for a living. Not only are we on the job for some eight hours or more for five days a week but we tend to think about our work related issues and problem solve during the precious amount of off time we do have. And does this job thing creep so deeply into our lives and psyche that we become almost a slave to the whims and off beat directions it takes us to? We find that our minds cannot shed the mantle even for a good weekend in order for us to have some respite into a realm of peace and focused calm. And I find that when I can reach that plane of peace and calm I actually seem to come away from the association with a slight feeling of renewal. Thus, if the physical elation is real after being distant from the job a bit than could it be said that the job is guilty of driving us to an early demise?

Of course, we must have work or we will waste away but I guess I’m speaking of work to almost the point of obsession. And we don’t realize it until we are so deep into the clutches that we are sacrificing quality time with family and friends. It seems that the happiest folk I have encountered along my journey have been those that have had worthwhile and productive jobs but yet have found the blissful balance between both the common and spiritual concept of work and an association that allows their “self” to be nurtured and mature as well. I find that at 59 years of age I long for the ability to just step away from the job occasionally to reach the plane of peace and calm. Not to run away or shirk my responsibilities but to find the balance that must exist for true human satisfaction.


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author avatar Lila Bangsawan
14th Aug 2011 (#)

Frankly speaking, sometimes it is very difficult to avoid our jobs get into our daily life. But, so far, I tried hard to manage those two life of mine. As a "mom" and a career woman. Thank you for sharing.

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