The Leek - Emblem of wales

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How the leek came to be one of three emblems of Wales and why I am proud to be welsh.

The Leek - Emblem of Wales

Hello, as I was born in Wales and very proud of the fact, I thought I would get some information down on paper. First of all I would like mention that the words " Cymru am byth " as you see in my first picture, when translated into English means " Wales for Ever "

The leek is proudly shown on St David`s along with the daffodil. You might think why would anybody want to pin a smelly onion to their jackets. Well for one thing it is only for one day in the year and the welsh are very proud of the fact. A lot of what you might hear about this leek is made up stories and myths. But the history of this emblem can be traced back for about 700 years.

Tudor Kings and Before

If you look up historical records during the Tudor period you will find that there were payments made by the household guards for wearing the leek. Earlier than this it is known that the welsh archers wore green and white colours, the same colours as the leek.

Earlier still it is said that St David, the patron saint of Wales, ordered his soldiers to wear the leek on their helmets when fighting the Saxons. The battle taking place in a field of leeks. There maybe some truth in this somewhere.

Daffodils and more.

Now why the daffodil is an emblem of Wales no one is too sure. But I myself think it could one of two reasons possibly. First of all daffodils seem to come into bloom on or about St. David`s day, the 1st of march, this seems to fit in nicely. Secondly the welsh word " cenhinen " translated into English means leek, and the welsh word " cenhinen pedr " translated into English means daffodil. No doubt that somewhere along the line the welsh have got confused and the leek is the emblem of Wales and the daffodil the flower of Wales.


So there you are, a brief outline to what might have occurred. We have five main items associated with Wales, The leek, The welsh dragon, The daffodil, The harp and not forgetting good old welsh lamb !!
And please remember the welsh are the true Britons, there before the Romans,Saxons and Normans.

Maurice G

Puffin Island

Welsh Anthem


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author avatar Delicia Powers
3rd May 2012 (#)

You have much to be proud of a beautiful country and thanks for more of its rich history...I love leeks- daffodils-lambs and even harps, dragons seem quite magically so all great things thanks Maurice looking forward to more history and of coarse poems!

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author avatar Abdul Haye Amin
3rd May 2012 (#)

...when there is a 'States' with own language, own culture, own identities, will Cymru not proud of liberating the States as 'East Pakistan?' proud of own identities in the nation?

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author avatar Maurice G
3rd May 2012 (#)

Hear what you are saying Abdul, but remember Wales is a country not a state, just a bit special don`t you think ?

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author avatar Pradeep Kumar B
3rd May 2012 (#)

Enjoyed reading about your country. It must be a beautiful place. Thank you Maurice for sharing.

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author avatar Carl McVey
27th Jun 2012 (#)

As an ex Estron yn Cymru, and love the place. Chi Cymreig, cofio, Cymreig iaith oedd Saesneg. Iechyd Da.

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