The Listening Heart.

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If we could all listen with empathy, without judgement and with a heart connection, wouldn't this make a difference to the communications we experience?

The listening heart.

In the busy world I live in I find it hard to find quiet moments. There seems to be such a rush of information, people and activity that surrounds me all the time. It all has its own array of noise and this leaves me with the feeling that I hardly have time to think, let alone listen as well.

Am I so used to constant noise that I don't hear it anymore? Maybe I don't notice the effect it has on my ability to listen? How can I be truly present, when a part of my brain is registering the beep of an incoming message, or hears the hum of the freezer?

I recently did a training course in non violent communication. One of the central themes relates to really listening to the other person. It's important to be present, without judgement, with the heart listening and the mind still.

While we were practising listening in the course, I was amazed to experience how distracted my brain could get. I found myself jumping in with assumptions and solutions and this interferred with my ability to just listen.

In my everyday life I can find it hard to find the quietness and stillness to truly listen. When I am running around at school I often get asked things while I am physically on the move with my brain already focussed on the next class. In those moments I find it almost impossible to be still and to really concentrate on what is being said. I would like to be able to be more focussed in those moments, but find it hard to bring into practice.

This is just my experience, but it seems to me that many of us feel busy and stressed on a daiy basis. This can make it more difficult to be aware of applying the spiritual practice of active heart based listening. How can we combine modern life with the slower art of paying attention and listening?

When I do manage to listen with my heart I am able to see past the words being said, and see the heart of the person speaking. This helps me feel that even if I don't like what I am hearing, I can still see that another human being, with needs just like me, across the table. If I can connect to the other person on a heart basis I can truly listen with empathy and love. This is when I honestly connect on a heart to heart basis and this brings joy for both of us. There is a deep gladness in the recognition of the heart based connection showing we are not alone and that someone has finally seen and heard the real person.

I am coming to the conclusion that the ability to listen is critical. When I do this with integrity and honesty I see the potential for connection open up before me. I have experienced how my fellow companions on this planet are longing for true connection and the feeling of empathy that comes with being listened to on a deep and connected level.

I wonder how much of our world could be healed if we could listen with empathy and an open heart? Could it really be that simple?

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author avatar Mrs Polly
21st Sep 2013 (#)

Listening? Jolly good advice here but it is sometimes difficult to master the stillness required to 'tune in' effectively.

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