The Magnificent Growth of English Language

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The English language have been used internationally for easy communication and closure of different races. But these races were also the ones that paved way for the birth of English.

Brief History

The English language portrays the history of the people who have made use of it. The Celts and the Romans influenced the language in different ways. The Celts, old inhabitants, left a heritage of words when they inhabited England prior to the Anglo-Saxons. Latin, which was widely spoken by the Romans have influenced English language at various times. During the introduction of Christianity and the Renaissance period, Latin had been integrated by way of the missionaries and scholars. Greek and Latin enhanced the English language even in the early years.

By the time the Anglo-Saxon invaded the island, they established the Basic English language. The Danes and the Norman conquests added new vocabularies. French, as well, shared phase, and as the growth of English language continued, the Dutch contributed terms like “skipper” into the language. The rest of other languages like Japanese, Spanish, Arabic , etc. added more words.

Word Contribution

In different countries, states, and regions, the influences of different languages to the English language are noticeable. For example, the word “Massachusetts” is an Indian word originally Maisācusēṭsa that means "people of the great hills". Śikāgō or Chicago means onion place. There are also stories behind words to acquaint with the origin of the words. For instance, muscle comes from the Latin origin which means little mouse. Soy comes from the Japanese origin, shoyu. Umbrella comes from the Italian origin, ombrello. Most of the medical terminologies originated from Greek words like the word phobia which comes from the Greek word phobos, meaning fear. The variety of these languages influencing the English language doesn't just add words, but experiences.

The Present

Until now, scientists, researchers, and scholars incorporate their words to create new ideas. The growth still continues as it adds experiences and new words in the English language. It makes the people of different races embrace the language and develops good relationship with others.


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