The Man in the Mirror

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Who is the man in the mirror? And how do you know when you are not looking through a mirror? The deeper you look, the further you fall into the vortex...

Who is the man in the mirror?

As I look through the eyes of a man not bound by reality, I begin to understand the complexities of perception and am at once both lost and in total control. The fact that time no longer has any power over my existence seems to allow me to process information at an unprecedented rate. Something as benign and common as a mirror allows for a veritable cornucopia of questions and contradictions. When I look at myself in the mirror, am I seeing what others see when they look at me? am I perceiving someone else's reality or staring through a portal into an alternate dimension? One question would keep pushing to the forefront of my obsession... How do you know when you're not looking through a mirror? I proceeded to test the air in front of me, questioning every step with the assumption that a mirror could be at arms length at any moment proving my asinine theory. Catching my own gaze in the infernal contraption, I was stunned for a moment, thinking that someone was watching me, following my every move... or was I inadvertently following the moves of my counterpart? What happens when I look away? does he follow me still or does he go about his own life? Which one of us is the reflection? After contemplating my very existence for several hours, I retreat to a room free of inter-dimensional windows. A friend of mine comes walking around the corner, I figured he had gone home as I had left him unattended for so long. As far as he was concerned I had been gone no longer than five minutes, I was astounded. Had I truly been gone such a brief period or had I in fact slowed the passing of time? Such a quandary is outrageous, yet in my altered state, entirely plausible. Perhaps the truth lies with my alternate self... perhaps our combined consciousness allowed for a breach in the space time continuum.

I had at some point decided to pick up my camera. A tattered glimpse of my fractured reality had been recorded throughout the night. As if an extension of my own consciousness, there had been no correlation between truth and reality, nothing was as it seemed...


Distorted Reality, Mental Break, Surrealism

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author avatar Long Legged Bimbo
31st Aug 2015 (#)

Well that is why you look at the world upside down and then turn it around for your face eyes to see it. Weren't you taught that in science and Physics. It functions the same way as a pinhole camera.

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author avatar Long Legged Bimbo
31st Aug 2015 (#)

So what is straightforward always is the opposite way in a reflection. Its the law of life. That was why God advised Abraham and his family not to look back and lose everything forever.

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author avatar Carol Roach
3rd Sep 2015 (#)

Looking in the mirror is a very good exercise, if we are truly seeking the truth.

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