The Master number Myth

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What is a Master number and is it significant? Are those people with these numbers special? Numbers indicate potential and like all destinies and free will it is your choice to choose your path.

What are the Master numbers

Master numbers in numerology indicate certain spiritual goals to be achieved in an incarnation. It can be difficult to believe people with the same numbers can have the same destiny or attributes which is why numerology should be read in conjunction with other divination methods and cross referenced. However, different numerologists have theories on master numbers, the main ones being 11 and 22 and some believe 33 is a master number. According to Pythagoras, 33 is not a master number, though there is a myth surrounding what a master number means. In my own research and readings, I find the alpha omega numbers more interesting and there are very few people with a 22 number and even then, it depends on their life choices.

Alpha Omega numbers 10 and 11

An alpha omega number represents the beginning and the end of phase, I don't include 1 as many people read 10 instead as Pythagoras did. They indicate the end of a learning stage in the soul growth and the imminent beginning of another phase. The number 10 indicates accelerated growth and realization. The number 11 indicates spiritual growth, possibly as previous incarnations focused on the material plane and the soul needed to rebalance that effect. Both are significant as it often means there are dramatic changes that may seem out of one's control.


People consider this one of the most spiritual numbers and some people with this number get elated and think special things will come their way. It is the number of heightened spirituality, however as in all numbers and divination it indicates potential, that means the incarnation will focus on spiritual matters, but does not necessarily mean they are spiritual or will become spiritual masters. Many people with this number struggle with their spiritual side, rejecting it or learning about it through traumatic experiences.
As an alpha omega number is also indicates an end of a soul phase and the start of a new one, if all the lessons have been achieved. Often this is the case when transitioning from the young soul stage to the mature soul stage.
If you fail to embrace the spiritual side, then the destiny path reduces to the number 2, where people prefer not to take risks and are reluctant to accept new ideas. The number 11 allows for growth, but only if it is the chosen path.


Very few people have this number as it often reduced to 4. There is great potential in holders of this number if they choose that path. Many of these will already have heightened spiritual gifts, but is how they choose to use them. If they become cynical they could follow the path of a 4 which focuses on the material plane, rather than the spiritual.

Ultimately we all have free will to choose out paths, numbers indicate potential. In life we are given options and the numbers are a tool to guide us to what we had planned for our incarnation. Having a master number and sitting back and waiting for things to happen is foolhardy. You have to actively choose your path, the numbers are signs and indicators and then the rest is up to you.


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