The Michigan Triangle

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The Michigan Triangle has seen many disappearances, strange happenings, UFO's, and ship wrecks. While the Triangle is not nearly as famous as the Bermuda Triangle it still holds mysteries and secrets that many people like to explore. Perhaps you too are a UFO buff and like to know more.

Lake Michigan Holds it's Secrets

While the Bermuda Triangle is well known and studied by many scientist to find out what causes some of the strange occurrences the Michigan Triangle has had very little consideration. Still it is a mystery that many people who live in the area ponder about and wish to know what is happening in this region. The Michigan Triangle boundaries extend from Benton Harbor, Michigan to Ludington, and from Lake Manitowoc and back to Ludington. There are a great many stories told of disappearances and unusual events that have happened along this area.

Great Lakes provides fresh water and mysteries

The Great Lakes contains about 20% of our fresh water on the surface which is essential to life. Life is maintained by this fresh water along with many different businesses who use the Lakes for productions. Even though along the shores of these Great Lakes many people enjoy the benefits offered those along Lake Michigan have a dark fear because of the many frightening events that have taken place. It is always a great mystery when disappearances happen especially in the cold dark waters.

Disappearance of the Northwestern Airlines 2501

A massive Coast Guard search took place when Northwestern Airlines 2501 disappeared June 23, 1950 with nothing remaining but a blanket. The large plane had 55 passengers and three crew members when it reported in that it was 3,500 feet over Battle Creek, Michigan. The weather was very bad so the Captain changed the flights destination which took it over Lake Michigan. The plane should have landed in Milwaukee, however the plane never arrived. All on board the Northwestern Airlines vanished along with the plane.

Strange Creatures and UFO's Spotted in the Triangle

There have been many reports of strange creatures, unexplained disappearances, and even weird happenings. Some claim to have seen UFO’s[/link]/b] go into the water or come out of the water. It seems strange glowing lights have been seen by many who live along the lake. Lake Michigan has been the sight of many shipwrecks. Squalls happen from nowhere that cause ships to sink and then disappear. It is not unusual for residents in some of the nearby towns to witness strange events along the lake shore.

The Edmond Fitzgerald is one of the most famous of ship sinking’s where all the men aboard went down with the ship. A sudden squall come up and destroyed the ship. Rogue waves
often occur and many sailors prefer not to travel Lake Michigan during the fall when most of the unusual events take place. Many ships have been lost and not found that is why it is documented that there is a geographical triangle located in the middle of Lake Michigan.

Many ships have disappeared and over 40 planes have been documented as disappearing with no trace. Many UFO’s have been seen and even pictures have been taken of strange lights going into the lake or coming out of the lake. The Federal Aviation Administration created a catalog to report sightings in so that they could keep up with all these strange anomalies that have been reported over Lake Michigan.

No fear to travel Lake Michigan

Many thousands of people travel Lake Michigan every year with no fear of what might happen even though supernatural happenings are reported every year. One of the most famous is the wreck of the schooner Rosa Belle. Everyone disappeared along with the crew members. The wreck was found by the Grand Trunk car ferry Ann Arbor No. 4. The ferry captain claimed that it looked as though the schooner had collided with another vessel. The aft was smashed, while the cabin was wrenched from the deck. The ship’s rigging found floating about the hull gave the appearance of two ships colliding. The problem is that no other ship was reported wrecked during that time period. No one was ever able to solve the mystery of the Rosa Belle.

All of the events that have taken place are a mystery even today with no explanation whatsoever of how it happens. The sightings by many people are recorded and even pictures of the strange crafts. The Lake Michigan Triangle remains a mystery even today.


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
16th May 2015 (#)

Very interesting and intriguing, gives me goosebumps, thanks for the share, writershirley lopez - siva

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author avatar Michellekidwell1977
16th May 2015 (#)

Interesting article...Definitely makes you think I had never heard of the Michigan Triangle...

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author avatar Nancy Czerwinski
16th May 2015 (#)

Thank you for sharing such an excellent article. I had never heard of the Michigan Triangle. I'm surprised more research has not been done in this area.

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author avatar writershirley lopez
17th May 2015 (#)

Many people ares surprised to learn about the Michigan Triangle but it actually does exist and should be studied more closely

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17th May 2015 (#)

I love mysteries just as I like Jim Reeves songs. Very nice article writer shirleylopez.

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