The Most Interesting Lighting Trends in 2016

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A guide to some of the modern lighting trends of 2016


So far, 2016 seems to be a year of changes and this is also true when it comes to interior decorating trends as well. As the period of 2015 completely closes and the world enters fully into the New Year, the contemporary trends as always shift and evolve, bringing the consumers new interesting possibilities for their homes and work spaces. Currently, it seems that the individuals and organizations buying modern lighting encounter a range of possibilities far more eclectic than what they may have expected.

More than ever before, this year seems to be gearing up as a period that is all about an abundance of choice and variety, and not about a small number of solidified trends that everyone follows. While this might bring about a level of confusion, it is also exceedingly liberating not only for decorators but also those who desire to enjoy lighting in new shapes and forms. Here are some of the most interesting lighting trends that are coming our way in 2016.

Modern Retro

One of the strongest influences for this year will be that retro look from a bygone era. Here, the aesthetics of the 1930’s and 1940’s seem to be making a big comeback with a small hint of Art Deco, but a lot more distinctive flavor. Infused with a strong industrial vibe and plenty of dark colors, modern retro lighting includes open bulbs and hard light but provided through contemporary technology. Here, the giant Edison-like bulbs represent one of the strongest visual identifiers and for good reason – they can go well with practically any modern interior design, even though they might not be to everyone's tastes.

Kitsch Lighting Objects

Just a decade ago, these would be seen as horrendous examples of a total lack of taste, but now, the once-shunned kitsch objects that come with interior lighting get a different treatment. As one of the more aggressive trends in 2016, we're talking about recognizable objects like pineapples and other items made from translucent material, where the light source is placed inside. This allows them to become emitters of soft, colored light that is both natural and often a little psychedelic! The same idea can easily be scaled up, although there is not a lot of room for making these the primary light source for a home. As a rule-breaker, this trend will be especially interesting to those who find many regular lighting choices too dull and boring.

Classic Chrome

Ideal for those who feel they do not have anything to prove, the classic option still looms large in 2016. When chrome is on the list for those who decide to buy modern lighting, there is no doubt that the desire is for something simple, modern and clean. This year, there will be plenty of room for this approach, especially when it comes to hanging lamps, desk lamps and all things shiny and chrome, thanks to its ability to blend with any surrounding. Whilst you'd not typically go for this type of lighting in a very rustic environment, in almost all other scenarios you really can't go far wrong.

With these 2016 lighting trends it's clear that it's a year of bold design and out-there styles.

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