The Nature Of Conflict Research Paradigm

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this page talks about the nature of a conflict research paradigm, it is a method of solving conflicts that makes the sufferers to suffer even more

conflict research paradigm

This type of conflict paradigm argues that war does not arise from the nature of state or even the external relations but the way the people are treated by the environment. The environment in this case may be political, economic, social, cultural or even geographical. In this paradigm we find that conflict is not from the people’s instincts to dominate others, it is true that the environment can be manipulated but it does not necessarily have to be as a result of using of force. Conflict in this paradigm is subjective, meaning that if people are comfortable the way they are then they should be let to be. The people in questin must be let to realize the conflict.

The actors’ beliefs about conflct are what are trying to be changed from mere conflict settlement to resolution. In tis paradigm there is no pre-convieved outcome but the outcome depends on the parties’ agreement. Conflict is said to be functional or rational in that it is intended to serve a certain purpose and when the purpose in not being served due to the much costs, then the conflict behaviour will end. And what many people fail to know is that conflict is well organized with expected results in the minds of the planners. This paradigm finds conflicts to be everywhere but for different reasons, conflict is also seen to be common/widespread.

The process of decision taking is not restricted to the power politics limitations but agreeable to a cost gain calculus. Those that pay the costs are not always those that get the benefits or take the decisions. The beneficiaries are not necessarily so much in need of the process, and the sad thing is that you pay the price because you need the results but in the end you dont get the benefits of the result at all.


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Intersting post!

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Nice work and good research for this issue. Thank you for sharing this interesting article.

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