The Need For Moderation

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An anarchist's recognition that there is a need for some kind of supervision

Lofty Ideals versus Reality

I have always been an anarchist. I don't need anyone telling me what is acceptable and unacceptable behaviour. I wasn't raised by wolves, I have lived in human society most of my life, and know that if I don't throw something at you, you are not supposed to throw something at me.

I know more obscenities than most since Jamaican patois is jam packed, but don't often use them online, (except during the most savage flame wars, none of which I start).

The reason I'm giving you my biography is because I am a person who would have, pre-Internet, fought against every possible form of moderation, censorship and stricture that could be devised.

Moving the barrel to dig under it

In real life you attack someone, you better have a Glock in your hand, (and hope they don't have an AK-47 in theirs).

There are statements one makes in Jamaica which reduce murder to manslaughter. And if one says certain things to others, it is usually not in St. Thomas, because when murdered, all the body parts might not be found, and funerals need to be delayed looking for the head.

I am probably more shocked by what goes on in unmoderated Fora then most as in my country death is the usual punishment for certain levels of rudeness.

In Cyberspace, where every weakling, every pathetic loser can hide behind an avatar and insult anyone without the slightest fear, moderation is essential, since about 50% of those using the Internet are extreme cases of deindividualisation.


Persons with extremely damaged egos, psychopaths, sociopaths, and the kind of really sick person you see on CSI will get into a Forum and as soon as they realise they can say whatever they want, turn their keyboard into an anus.

As they become aware there is no human moderation on a writing site, their most base impulses take over.

In real life these are people who don't have the courage to complain when they are overcharged. These people are invisible, usually referred to 'the guy at the last cubicle' although they've worked there for ten years.

As the Internet allows them to discorporate, to stop being Bernice Schwartzkopf or Cyrus Mckenzie, despised miscreant, and the Great I Am with a snazzy avatar, they lose all reticence.

They are no longer this creature in his shabby corner, but can be whatever they wish to, feel invulnerable, as if no one can ever discover who they are, what they are.

This is why schoolers become Trolls. For they are no longer the stupid kid in the last row who everyone hates and whose mother pukes when she sees him, but the all powerful, never tiring Troll.

Many of these schoolers grow up to become the stupid guy in the corner whom everyone ignores save those who find him repulsive and whose mother has moved and left no fowarding address.

Without the Internet he'd be confined to writing rude things on bathroom walls and putting laxatives into the water cooler.

Homo Mobicus, a coward by himself but vicious in a crowd.

Freedom of Speech?

One of the most successful Message Board Moderators side steps 'Freedom of Speech' with relevancy. She had not problem deleting posts. Another got rid of Trolls by editing their comments so they would 'say' what she wanted them to.

The most unsuccessful, who preside over closed MB, are those who allow a Troll free reign and wind up with no members.

On writing sites (or publishing sites) without an active human factor more garbage is submitted than you've put in the Bin. Joining Hubpages and 'Hopping Hubs' displays what passes as 'writing'.

Advertisements, SEO festooned crap, mangled prose; rubbish from first key stroke to last fill 'writing sites' which have no human moderation.

It isn't that the persons posting this stuff 'don't know better' or 'can't do better', they know, but see how much abuse they can can get away with.

As most writing sites do not have human moderation, user can post what they please and see what happens.

False reports of an artist's death, invented stories as if privy to certain information, methods to trick search engines into highly rating rubbish, squeeze out worthy items.

In Cyberspace it is whatever can be hacked will be hacked. Whatever can be abused, will be abused.

A Case Study

Triond connected a Forum to their writing site about four years ago.

They opened various topics based on the requests of users. They assumed writers would share ideas with others and it would be something like a left bank cafe.

From inception it was a cesspool. Trolls formed Repulsions, attacking any and everyone not part of their clique.

Amid pimping for Factoidz spewing obscenities, and practicing sick forms of socialisation peculiar to Trolls; the Forum had no real use.

Some months ago a Magog entered.

A Magog is not a Troll.

A Troll wants attention. A Troll will keep posting until his fingers bleed to get attention.

A Magog simply wants to destroy the venue. He has no interest in communication with anyone, he has interest in making sure no one can communicate with anyone.

A Magog will enter a forum and post a single character on a single line, five hundred times. Few people will continue to scroll down to find a comment.

A Magog will create five hundred topics of a meaningless set of letters so that anyone visiting will note there are no active threads one could participate in

As 95% of all Triond users never made a post in the Forum many took a drive by to see what the Trolls were saying. Once the Magog arrived, the Trolls were no longer able to post.

The Trolls complained to Triond.

This in itself was hysterically funny as the same sickos who ridiculed those who complained about their behaviour were now begging and whining for Triond to clean their Cesspool and stop the Magog.

Someone at Triond complied. The Magog's 'eggs' were removed and the Forum again open for Trolls. Within hours the Magog had repeated his nuking.

After about five times of removing Magog traces and restarting the Forum, Triond's staff had enough.

Ignoring the horrible whining of the Trolls, the Forum was closed.

Out of courtesy Triond advised its members of this vital fact, leaving a space for comments.

Trolls flocked there to spew their verbiage, so happy to have a place to make idiots of themselves.

Then, the Magog entered the comment section with more of the same, plus, making posts in the names of the Trolls, so that they'd be whining;..

"I didn't make that comment!!!"

Hence, Moderation

As the majority of persons using the Internet should not be allowed out without their handler, everything in Cyberspace must be carefully monitored to prevent Troll infestation. (sort of like child proofing a room).

Articles must be read by a human moderator who can decide whether or not this is fit for publication.

Forums must be carefully policed and Trolls who persist in abuse should be locked out at the Hub, or their posts edited to say what the moderator wants it to say.

Hence; "Barack Obama is a *&%& who should (*^%" can easily be changed to "Barack Obama is a Great President who should Get a Second Term."

This editing runs Trolls faster than malware.

Of course, most Moderators can't be bothered.
Unfortunately, Trolls and Magog can.


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author avatar Steve Kinsman
7th Nov 2011 (#)

That'swhat I like - a moderate anarchist. Great article, Kaylar. Thank you.

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author avatar kaylar
7th Nov 2011 (#)

thanks steve

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
7th Nov 2011 (#)

My wife was a Triond Forum moderator for 2 days until people complained and Triond scrapped that program.

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author avatar kaylar
7th Nov 2011 (#)

Well, what I love is that having closed the Forum the Trolls are in this little comment section under the advisory and whinning about the Magog. Love it

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author avatar amberdextrous
8th Nov 2011 (#)

Everything in moderation -including moderation. Now that's a philosophy!

Great post, kaylar.

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author avatar kaylar
8th Nov 2011 (#)

thanks amber

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