The Only Really Viable Opportunity Is The One That You Make And Genuinely Want

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Real winning is creatively simple. It comes down to being willing to pay the price to win without fear or trying to get something for nothing. The key word is "willing". Being willing to go through the temporary small losses for the big win.

We all love to win, but who is willing to pay to genuinely do it?

In a sense, if we are willing to pay for our success, it is impossible to fail or get a feared bad outcome. Sometimes, I think of the nature of getting what is wanted, and I find this realistically: If we really want something and we are willing and ready to pay for it, we will pay for it without any fear of temporary failure only looking at the permanent success.

Mediocrity is doing something for success in others eyes. Even if it is done successfully, it is mediocrity. No, getting what you really want is success. The willingness to pay for what you really want without the fears of temporary failure is the key to power.

So, I ask this question seriously: What do you really want?

If you are willing to pay the price for it, you are ready for it. The capacity to pay is what you genuinely understand and believe it is.

Now, for the warning:

If you are trying to get success purely to impress others and keep up with "the rich neighbors", you will genuinely be disappointed. Think about that for a moment. So many are genuine failures in life because they try to impress others without realistically and productively impressing and pleasing themselves with getting what they really want first. That is never how it works, ever. Genuine success is a self defined thing, not something that impresses others "all the time". Think about that fact deeply.

Success is understanding what you really want in life.

With the warning above, I say this: Failure is impressing others even if you do seemingly succeed at first. If you have ever read Ayn Rand's novel "The Fountainhead", about the architects Howard Roark and Peter Keating, that is the genuine message: Success is really understanding what you really want in life and genuinely being willing to pay what you need to pay for it.

Without the understanding of what you really want in life, you have already failed. If you do understand fully what you want and are willing to pay the price, whatever it is. You have already succeeded. For believing in what you genuinely want and being willing to pay the price for it is a genuinely powerful idea. I am not saying that the road to a genuine goal is perfect, and without some seeming defeat. But I am saying that winning is doing what you really want to do and paying the price you really need to pay to get what you want, whatever it reasonably is. Like I said in the title, only I add this to it: Success is understanding what you really want in life, and paying what you need to pay to get it genuinely.


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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
26th Sep 2015 (#)

Very interesting post!

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author avatar brendamarie
26th Sep 2015 (#)

great article, the key is knowing what it is that you really want. Success, is a personal thing.

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