The Organic Priority (Survival and more, the most important things also)

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Once I saw a encyclopedia set as a very young boy with the words in the letter "H" section of it called "How to Hug" and I thought to myself about embracing all things productively and honestly in life with a reasonably open mind and I thought of it in an abstract way. It opened me to all the reasonable possibilities and probabilities in life.

Sometimes enlightenment is simple, sometimes enlightenment is complicated

Sometimes what opens you up to possibilities comes as a simple signal that works to open your mind. Sometimes you need more. Either way, if you are open to the reality, it will open up for you.

When I think of enlightenment now, it is a survival necessity or you genuinely do get left behind in a "wilderness you know not of in reality". Sure, some will say dogmatic things like "enlightenment is a luxury" and "Advancement is a privilege". Well, I refute that. If you do not get somewhere beyond where you are, you go nowhere.

Like the light bulb, and florescent lighting panel is above the candle, so is the genuinely enlightened person above the genuinely normal person. Indeed, when I say enlightened, I do not mean anything mystical, but I do mean using abstract and creative thinking to go beyond normal in productive ways, though.

Real enlightenment for me comes down to three questions, really:

1. Is it important to my genuine growth up?
2. Will it genuinely benefit?
3. Does it genuinely work?

In those three questions, note the emphasis on genuineness. Genuineness is the real key.

Once I got held down in the water by a Christian spiritual teacher called Brother Ron, baptizing me when I was twelve years old, and with some awareness, that teacher asked what I wanted most and I said simply "air" breathing hard. The exact reply was, "When you want to the realities of God like that, you will get them really." I know, that story was similar to an Oriental philosopher's story many people have probably heard about the boy who asked a sage "How will I find enlightenment?"

Sure, many things happened that were "weird" and memorable in my childhood, but that struck me the most realistically because it was simple, yet the most telling reality there was at that time in my life. I realized also, right before that time when I was eleven years old and late for school, literally, that God was not going to get me out of bed in the morning, but it took Matt Furey to vocalize that point in understandable terms years later and fulfill the "aha, I got the lesson" portion of those parts of my childhood.

So to answer the encyclopedia's "unconscious" question about "How to Hug": I will say a simple: You just do, but, give that which loves and helps you a hug, not anything that will do you any harm. Sometimes enlightenment is simple, sometimes enlightenment is complicated.

The wake up call to rise above normal human nature.

"Nominus timae sunt, non trustus naturas humanas appropia correctus timae."
"Normal human nature cannot be trusted to do the right thing at the right time."
Plato/Plotinus, translated from Latin to English, by yours truly from Latin versions and some English versions of "The Republic"

It is a funny thing about human nature, but it is made as a benchmark, and not an end point to the genuine spiritual nature, as we can tell by easily corruptible and tempted realities in life. Plato is humanity's great wake up call that there is more to it all than just "simply do the work and you will get somewhere". I remember taking my first philosophy courses at El Camino College in Torrance, California and one of my first professors there, Dr. Elizabeth Shadish. Sure I got an "A+" grade in the first few basic philosophy courses I took of hers, and the last few I took of Dr. Shadish's advanced courses in my last year at El Camino, but I paid a price, I realized that it takes more in existence than "simply do the work and get somewhere". Construction workers simply do the work, get paid and that is it usually, and they make a "normal living" doing what the architect says on the blueprint, but the architect creates the spiritual energy of the building through designing it. I realized this difference when I saw my Dad, Mac Jones the electrician and his fellow workers simply doing what they were told and what was on the blueprints. Realizing that there is more is the wake up call to rise above normal human nature. If action is power, understanding is bliss. Action without understanding is nothing anyway, action with full understanding of why is everything as you can tell by the anecdotes in this section.

Be realistic and back your prayers with intuitively driven action, and you will get somewhere meaningful

In life, we must back our prayer bones up with our backbone strongly and vice versa. What I mean is, sure, we can know what we want, but without proper action and understanding, what we want will remain dreams. Interpret that statement how you may, but that is a reality worth knowing if you want to do something genuinely important to yourself, right down to achieving happiness. After all, think about reality, genuineness is the key to the door of it.


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