The Pros and Cons of Men's CZ Rings

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It's really quite amazing the similarities between real men’s diamond rings and men's cubic zirconia rings as the clarity and shine of the CZ is quite similar to that of the diamond.

History of the CZ Stone

The Cubic zirconia or CZ was discovered in 1892 and was later manufactured into single CZ stones by the French in the 1960's. Cubic zirconia is a more affordable and a very attractive alternative to the rarer cut diamond.

CZ Stones Similiar to Diamonds

With an extremely high melting point of 2750 degrees centigrade, the production of cubic zirconia results in a clear and consistent quality stone. Most cubic zirconia is manufactured to be entirely colorless and clear, unlike most diamonds. That means that a cubic zirconia stone would be equivalent to a perfect "D" on the color scale for diamonds. Cubic zirconia has a nice brilliant sparkle like the more expensive diamond and can be made in a variety of different vibrant colors.

Pricing of a CZ Stone

Depending on the material of the men's ring you decide to purchase, mens rings with CZ stones can be very inexpensive compared to a diamond ring of comparable size, shape and style. Mens gold rings and mens white gold rings, as well as mens titanium rings with a CZ stone setting are much more expensive than mens sterling silver rings with a cubic zirconia stone however, because of the rare material of the ring itself. But all of these different types of mens CZ rings will save you money and are very popular, attractive, and stylish and the CZ setting is just as appealing to the eye as a real diamond.

Many Styles and Designs To Choose From

One of the greatest advantages of a cubic zirconia men's ring is if you lose the CZ stone, you'll be out a lot less money than if you lose a real diamond of comparable size and weight. It's generally very hard to tell the difference nowadays between a real diamond and a CZ stone, and some CZ stones are actually more brilliant than a real diamond. You can usually save yourself hundreds of dollars on the initial purchase price of a CZ ring and the styles and colors and cuts of cubic zirconia stones are endless to choose from.

Check Out Men's CZ Rings Next Time You Shop

Next time you are browsing the inventory of men’s rings at your local jeweler or online, check out the mens CZ rings, you just might not be able to resist the beauty of them but most importantly the price that you will pay, which will be much less than a mens diamond ring. Watch the following video to get an idea of some of the styles and designs that are out there in mens CZ rings. Although the video displays Hip Hop rings, there are many other more conservative styles in these types of rings.


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