The Ragdoll Cat: Traits and Characteristics

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This article discusses the Ragdoll cat breed and lists several traits and characteristics of the breed. Included is one great picture of a large male Ragdoll.

Meet the Ragdoll Cat Breed

Are you looking for a new cat? Why go for a Ragdoll? Well if you want a big beautiful cat then you need to select the Ragdoll Cat Breed. I have two so far in my household and they have both been the best cats I have ever owned. So what can you expect with these cats? Of course, each cat is different so some of these traits will not be definitely displayed in your cat but I lave listed below some of the traits that both of mine have so hopefully this will give you a general idea:

Loves to be petted, rubbed, combed on their stomachs.
Are very talkative (especially the males)
Loves to be around people and will really get attached to one person.
Are very active and love to play
Love to sleep in tight places (boxes, small cat beds, corners of the sofa)
Like to explore anything new
Has not gotten real sick once
Will occasionally throw up their meals
Are very fussy eaters and eat very fast
Love to be around other cats
Neither of mine drink hardly any water (they will drink right from the kitchen's faucet though)
Needs to be combed regularly
Sheds a good amount of hair
Likes to wake me up by putting their head underneath my chin or sitting real close to my face.
Has their own personal cat bed.
Likes to lay on their backs and expose their stomachs.

That is about it for the traits that my ragdolls display. I hope this gives you some idea on what to expect when owning one. Make sure to check out picture.


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author avatar Stacy
17th Oct 2010 (#)

i have 2 ragdoll cats, male & female and both are like you listed above, but my male, biggie is very inteligent and he will follow you around also he does many diffrent triks,he thinks he is a dog and sits by door for you to take him to our patio so he can wander around...sometimes i think am crazy coz they do things that ordinary cats dont do!!!!

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