"The Reality In The Room" or "Eat Them Elephants One Bite At A Time!"

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Simple reality is the reality we must take one step at a time, after all a whole elephant cannot be digested at once. Somehow, as I was coming up with this article, I was thinking about a combination of plain patience and Allen Toussaint's song "Working In The Coal Mine". In reality, to deal with anything effectively there has to be a certain monotony of consciousness that acts as a sort of positive self-hypnosis. Well, I will take this article to write about what I mean.

The chain gang, the coal mine, and all the rest of the metaphors

The mind that can work steadily is a genuinely effective mind. My Dad Joe was one of those minds luckily for him, he could get things genuinely done when he really needed to with the general philosophy that "opportunity comes in an unexpected way looking like hard work and dressed in overalls, but when it is done, then the reward is reaped genuinely". That is why I am using the theme of eating the elephant and working in the coal mine as a running metaphor of sorts, because that is the genuine mentality that gets things genuinely done.

My Mom says things like "You may not like the work, but you genuinely enjoy the results, right?" I understand what she means by that. Indeed, this is where the saying of Mark Spitz the 1972 Munich Olympic swimmer comes in: "We all love to win, but who loves to train?" It is one thing to just have a how. Yes, but, It makes work better, genuinely better if you do have a real why as a foundation under you. Just to work on a chain gang without reason to do it will make you lazy ultimately, because you have a how without a genuine why except for punishment. The importance of why you are working always beats how you are working every time, even if you are eagerly working. The key to a reward is in the why. How is just the instructions on paper, if you know what I mean.

The Seventy-Two Names of God, Versus the One Good of knowing the reason for it all

I know, this is a seeming departure from where I have been writing, but if you read closely, it really is not. Even if you know the seventy-names of God, if you do not have the Good of knowing the genuine reason for your life, they are worth nothing but working in a coal mine or on a chain gang of life for your supper and that is it. I mean, you can have all the power and understanding in existence, but if you do not have a reason why you want to use it, it is worth nothing but being there. Interpret that how you need and want, but the meaning I feel is pretty clear. "Why" is everything, everything else means nothing. All effort without a strong why is just a whisper in the wind, to paraphrase another Allen Toussaint song.

Why are you here?

Well, I ended the last section with a question, and a good question at that

Well, I ended the last section with a question and a good question at that. Why are you here? If you genuinely know and understand that, you can understand the rest of it pretty easily, it is why I do not believe in pedagogical infinities or genuine ciphers. I believe everything that genuinely means something ultimately has a purpose. If it did not, we really would "have nothing to do". "Why we are doing it" is everything, how is the easy part after that big why. The elephant is there in this room, and it is called why, start eating,it, working, and doing what needs to be done.


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