The Reason You Are Unhappy

Marcus Foot By Marcus Foot, 30th Jun 2012 | Follow this author | RSS Feed
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There is one main reason people are dissatisfied with their lives. Find out what it is & how to start your journey to personal happiness and contentment

Wherever you are in life is exactly where you deserve to be.

Take a few minutes to think about that ...

How does that make you feel? How many excuses did you come up with for your life not being “perfect”? Whose fault was it, maybe you thought something like the following?

It’s the governments’ fault I can’t find a job.
The recession is to blame for my problems.
I tripped at work so I’m suing my employer.
I’m obese because McDonalds put too much fat in their burgers.
I’m in so much debt I need a pay-rise or government bailout.

The blame culture is all-pervading, not just among individuals, but also amongst businesses & corporations.

Well I’ve got news for you – the only thing that is beyond your control in life is when you die. Furthermore death is the ONLY sure thing in life. The rest is up to you.

Yes, the world economy is going through a bad time right now, but there are jobs available, maybe not the job you want, but if you decide you need a job, any job, there are plenty out there.

If you tripped & fell or have a weight problem, maybe you should take more care of yourself. Look where you are walking & reconsider your diet! (I speak from experience here since my wife badly injured her knee recently while dancing, we can’t blame anybody but ourselves for that can we?)

Remind me, who signed up for that mortgage, loan or credit card? YOU did! Not your employer or the government. It’s your problem not theirs.

If you’re out of work, laid-up with a sprained ankle or whatever, obese or have borrowed beyond your means DEAL WITH IT, it’s as a result of your actions/decisions, nobody else’s.

The sooner you accept that AND that you can resolve these problems by yourself through your own decisions & actions, the happier you will be. You will regain control of your own destiny – no, that’s the wrong word because nothing is destined to happen – you will regain control of your own life.

The decisions & actions you make today will have a direct bearing on your life tomorrow, just as your past decisions have led to your current situation. Look forwards not backwards.

If, when you are driving, you constantly look in the rearview mirror, you WILL crash. Look at the road ahead, accept that you have control & you will reach your destination.

In my next article I will introduce a mind-set that will help YOU achieve greater happiness and fulfillment in YOUR life. But first you have to accept the truth that we are the masters of our own lives.

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author avatar Bizning Vakil
4th Jul 2012 (#)

very cool article... Thanks a lot...
will be waiting the next article...

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author avatar Stella Mitchell
4th Jan 2013 (#)

I couldn't agree with you more . when people stop playing the blame game , and start taking responsibility , then they can move forward .

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author avatar Vartika
19th Feb 2013 (#)

So true...we are the masters of our lives. We need to take responsibility for the choices we make and not find alibis for things going wrong.

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author avatar Edith
24th May 2013 (#)

Good article and it is a challenge to me.

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author avatar MMD
5th Aug 2013 (#)

Thinking about where we stand is the most important factor.

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author avatar A Ravi Shankar
13th Aug 2013 (#)

You wrote this article last year and I am commenting on it today shows how much I agree with it and how timeless. Good Article!

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author avatar Marcus Foot
14th Aug 2013 (#)

Thank you everyone for all the positive comments!

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author avatar shannonfarlouis
23rd Feb 2014 (#)

Very positive influence!

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author avatar Margaret Michel
15th Jul 2014 (#)

Yes, indeed. You are the master or the destroyer of your own universe! Great piece!

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author avatar Erly
21st Aug 2014 (#)

Hello Marcus? I like your article realistic and worth to ponder.Cheers!!!

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