The Resourceful and Respectable Turkey

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An article exposing the true-life horror of what is really going on in the dark to these beautiful birds. Let us open our eyes to the reality and help save them.

The Resourceful and Respectable Turkey

Turkeys, in their natural habitation, are very intelligent and beautiful birds that display resourcefulness, beauty and agility, worthy of respect and admiration. They can reach speeds, during flight, of up to 55 mph and move at 25 miles an hour. Their average life-span is four years in human terms.
Indeed, Ben Franklin, who gave them the title “true USA originals” had a deep-rooted respect for them. Turkeys also enjoy their feathers being stroked as well as hearing music to which they respond by singing out aloud. They make very lively and entertaining pets and enjoy being pampered too.
Tragically, when turkeys are captured and confined in factory farms they are killed as young as only 5 to 6 months of age, during their short life span. Secret footage was filmed and it displayed workers on the factory farm kicking them around like footballs. The turkeys, it goes without say, were highly frightened and distressed by this anti-social behaviour. It’s bad enough that they will be strangled and killed without this kind of staff being allowed to get away with such cruel action, completely uncalled for. Indeed, they are not even allowed the simplest happiness they get, like running around, building nests, and raising their young.
Just like chickens, 300 million turkeys are raised and then murdered for their flesh every year in the United States in the most brutal and cruel methods and have no federal legal protection. They cram thousands of turkeys into filthy sheds after their beaks and toes are burned off with a hot blade. The lucky ones suffer heart failure or debilitating leg pain and often becoming crippled under the weight of their genetically manipulated and drugged bodies. When the time comes for slaughter, they are thrown like junk into transport trucks, and upon arrival at the slaughterhouse, their throats are sliced apart and their feathers burned off—often while they are still fully conscious. Indeed, another horrific reality that affects all that eat factory farm animals is that they will be prone to diseases like mad-cow disease, swine and bird flu to name but a few, because they are unnaturally and forcefully fed their own dung and cows are fed the sheep brain, when in fact they are natural grazers and herbivores

The Resourceful and Respectable Turkey

We should strongly oppose and go against these actions by appealing to the government to support humanity. Some people just want to see the end product; a neatly served plate of the bird with stuffing and a carving knife. They want to be fool themselves that it isn’t a dead animal that was cruelly and brutally tortured and forcefully killed.

Renowned shops serving meat, display these birds as cartoon characters, with large smiling faces and blinking at the public, a man-made impression of a bird exhibiting its own body to be-fool the public. The names given to these shops are very sugary and pleasant sounding, like McDonald’s, Burger King, Wimpy, Fish and Chips which is reality is just one large bloody and gory massacre of innocent lives. It’s even more hurting that people use animal names like “stupid cow” or “smelly pig” etc… too vast to mention. These are gentle herbivores but because they do not act and behave like us, they are shunned and looked down upon by the meat industry and in some cultures, they are sacrificed in the name of God. My attitude is that the person who is so intense about sacrifice should offer themselves, but they won’t because they want to put someone elses throat on the table and not their own, so it’s a rejected sacrifice as God loves all of us equally and will punish those that do bad karma, especially on those less fortunate than themselves. Animals don’t have a voice to tell what pain and torture is being inflicted on them, especially by religious cultures in the name of GOD.

My conclusion is that all this horror is not going to end overnight, especially for the turkeys as the festive season is coming up and even as I type, innocent lives are being taken, or any other domestic animal, but on a positive note, those of us that care for animals can make a pledge to tell their family and friends to turn vegetarian and then vegan. There is no such thing as a perfect world. In the wild, animals eat one another alive, but it’s justified because they HAVE TO. It is part of the food chain; but MAN DOESN’T HAVE TO. He has the intelligence to break out of this cycle and can produce his own food and drink which animals can’t. They don’t have a choice, as they are like innocent children and look to us for protection. Let us ALL make a pledge and offer them our full protection by changing our ways of living and to act and behave like true HUMAN BEINGS. They’ll bless us for it, as will the LORD GOD. The only truth in this life and beyond is LOVE, not just to our fellow man, but to all life on earth too. Thank you ALL very much, dear friends.
The End.


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2nd Jul 2013 (#)

A sad plight of these hapless creatures who look up to us.

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