The Rise of Macedonia

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The ancient kingdom of Macedonia lay in the northeast part of Greece. In Classical times, most Greeks regarded it as a culturally and politically backward place, inhabited by people who were little better than barbarians. They would scarcely have believed it would be possible that, in the 4th century BC, Macedonia would become the greatest military power, posing a serious threat to Athenian democracy and independence.

Order Out of Chaos

Macedonia had an unstable history. It was invaded repeatedly in the 6th and 5th centuries BC. Eventually, it collapsed into civil war after the murder of its king. Decades of turmoil ended when Philip II became king and set about restoring order. Once he was firmly in control of his new kingdom, Philip began expanding his frontiers through military campaigns, taking over the regions to the east and south.

Meanwhile, the other Greek states, led by Athens and Thebes, were growing very nervous of this rising power in the north. So, in 342BC, they formed the Hellenic League against Macedonia.

The Collapse of the City-States

The significant victories of Philip gave him control of Greece and marked the end of the city-states. He united the states into the League of Corinth, with himself as leader. To strengthen their unity, he also plotted an attack on the Persians.

The New Army

Philip reorganized the Macedonian army, making it the most efficient in Greece. It was led by elite units of foot soldiers and horsemen, called the Companions. Philip gave his troops heavier fighting clothes and long spears, and trained them in a particularly effective version of the phalanx.

Philip’s Assassination

Philip was murdered as he was about to attack the Persians. The historians believe that the killer might have been paid by the Persians.


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