The Romantic Age of America, the Wild West

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The wild west was an unforgettable era in American History. It laid the foundation of the modern United States

The Wild West Era

The Wild West is a page from American history that is the most glorified all over the world. It was a period that started after the end of the civil war in 1865. The period brought to fore, the gun fighter with his.45 revolver. The period was also given a romantic tinge with writers like Zane Grey who portrayed the Wild West as a period when the gunfighters were strong men and the women lovely companions.

Some of the men who lived during this period have become a legend and movies and stories about them are a legion. The Gun fighters of this period like Billy the Kid, Doc Holliday and others have created an aura about themselves. These men were very daring and deadly, who also killed without compunction. They were also excellent shooters. It was not uncommon for these gun fighters to put a notch on their pistols for each man killed by them.

Along with the gun fighters the men who pursued them have also become a legend with names like Wyatt Earp and the Texas rangers making a name for them. The Wild West expanded westwards and it cannot be denied that much of the genesis of the United States is owed to these fearless men who stalked the Wild West.

The end of the civil war had a catastrophic effect on the people of the southern states who were defeated by the union. Thus a lot many of the gunslingers were from the south and reports suggest that quite a few were from good families. These were the men who lost the maximum in the civil war

The situation was aggravated further after the murder of Lincoln when people of the southern states, in particular the wealthy suffered very harsh treatment and a lot many had their possessions destroyed. Thus many rich estate holders were reduced to penury.

It is not without reason that most of the gun fighters were ex-soldiers from the south who turned to banditry and robbery. Some of the Wild West gunslingers were notorious killers while some had a degree of self respect and chivalry.

Now after almost one hundred years or more we can look back at this age with a lot of awe bordering on incredulity. There is no doubt that this era that will never be repeated. But we can look back and thank God that this era existed. It must not be forgotten that America would not have been what it is now without this age of gunslingers and sheriffs, cowboys and rustlers, gunmen and Red Indians.


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author avatar Steve Kinsman
28th Jun 2011 (#)

Very interesting. thank you, Madan.

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author avatar deepa venkitesh
29th Jun 2011 (#)

My elder brothers and I used to watch a lot of such movies in childhood, reminded me of those golden days.

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author avatar Retired
3rd Jul 2011 (#)

Very informative! Thanks!

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author avatar Tylerv
25th Jan 2014 (#)

The best short synopsis I found on the American Wild West so far. Thank you. However, as a person coming from Texas/Oklahoma family going back to the civil war, where my fathers and grandfathers lived by this lore of the tough gunslingers, it is weird how they assumed that this was the best possible thing for the West and America. Just because it happened doesn't make it right. This was a brutal, savage time in humanity. Like the trappers of the North, these were undoubtedly the toughest men, but it doesn't mean that that we should "thank God that this era existed". I don't think any of these men would have so easily thanked God for the brutality and primal savagery of their lives. I don't think these men brought us the peace of our civilization either. It is a bit of a tragedy of American history that so much violence and near native genocide happened. To call it anything else is what makes this the Romance of the American Wild West.

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