The Significance of the Number 8

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Coming strictly from the gut and of course balanced with a heavy douse of superstition and mysticism I have departed my old relationship with the number 3 and found a new with the number eight.

What is the Significance of the Number 8?

First let me say my fondness of the number 8 has very little to do with the Chinese culture. Although I must admit their strong belief in the luck, number eight has, may be what brought it to my attention. Actually as far back as I can remember with respect to digits the number 3 had always been my favorite. One day when interviewing for a position after graduating from the University I was asked, “What is your favorite number?” 3 popped into my head and up until the year 2008 it had always been my favorite. Needless to say that initial fortuitous decision was a long time ago! Now that the year 2008 has come to a close I felt compelled to announce my new allegiance.

From a visual perspective I am not surprised about my migration from 3 as my favorite to 8. It seems almost like a right of passage, as if I am or have become spiritually more mature. Let me explain this with some additional imagery. As you look at the number 3 and 8, if you are like me I began to realize three is pictorially half of eight. If 3 had brought me good luck all those previous years think how much more 8 will bring, twice as much.

Pictographically many of you may have already visualized or thought of this too. Turn the number 8 on its side, ∞, now look at that. For the science, math and engineering types, you recognize right away the symbol for infinity. Is it a wonder the Infinity is my favorite brand of car? Having leased one in 2006 returned in 2007 for a Nissan only to realize I had made a mistake. Naturally both cars are Nissans but you understand what I am saying.

I am sure my initial infatuation with the number 3 has something to do with my Christian up bring having had a heavy indoctrination in the belief regarding the mysteries of the trinity and its relationship with understanding God. Of course I have come to realize this was an anthropometric stage. Now that I am somewhat spiritually more mature, having once thought like a child it’s time for me to give up childish ways. So now that I am an adult there is a need to see with the eyes of an adult. Thus we move onto 8.

Keep in mind, this is a 2008 revelation. I am expecting great things from the transition. Not claiming to be some fancy numerologist or remotely scientific when it comes to this. And please give me the benefit of the doubt I am far from being a fanatic. Coming strictly from the gut and of course balanced with a heavy douse of superstition and mysticism working from the inside out I have departed my old relationship with the number 3 and found my new one with the number eight. All in all the whole transference has been far south of what some might brandish bordering on the occult. But it is harmless; I am not looking for any converts. Simply put it works for me.

From a practical standpoint there are still some things where 3 has its advantages. For example “3” is a charm and “3 strikes and you’re out.” Could you imagine having to fail seven times and then saying “8” is a charm and not to hurt anyone’s feelings but I struggle with the slow pace of baseball as it is, if we had to wait for 8 strikes before someone was out I would be loonier than some folks already think I am. After all how many people do you know who would write a 300 word essay on why they are fond of a number?

Having said that, it brings us to the closing, so let me leave you with 8 examples, where the number eight plays a prominent role.

1. Nautical knots
2. Olympic figure skating
3. A Chess/Checker Board
4. Number of cylinders in high performance automobile
5. The Chinese are scary, Shanghai is the eighth largest city in the world
6. Brazil has the eighth largest economy
7. There appear to be only eight colors. Many will argue what they are but I believe there are only 8.
8. The base 8 counting system and its relationship with computers; and the number confines the creation story, Six Days God created the world and on the Seventh Day He rested, then we start all over again.

Research the above eight. Let me know what you think. Of course there are an infinite amount of things that are associated with the number 8. I thought these eight were interesting. Some we take for granted and others are incidental coincidence at the time of writing this text. If you know of some quirky thing associated with the number 8 please share it with us.


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