The Sinhalese Race has a strong Ethnic Connection with North Indians

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The Sinhalese are basically Aryans and are buddhists. Both commodities originated from India and teh connection between the two is strong.

Indo- Sinhalese connection

Many are apt to be carried away by the problem of the Tamil people in Sri Lanka and feel that the Sinhalese the dominant race in Sri Lanka has no connection with the rest of India. The fact is there is a strong ethnic and religious bond between the Sinhalese Buddhists and the rest of India (minus Tamil Nadu) . The Tamils in Sri Lanka were taken there by the British is indentured labor to work in the tea plantations. The British preferred them to the local Sinhalese, as they were of the view the Tamill people would be more loyal to them. The also wanted to break the unity of the people of Ceylon by bringing in Tamils from the state of Madras.

A fact not much remembered in the ethnic Tamil- Sinhalese conflict is that the Sinhalese are Aryans like most north Indians unlike the Tamil who are Dravidians. Secondly the Buddhist religion came to Lanka from India when the son of Emperor Ashok allowed his son Mahenda to go to Lanka to spread Buddhism. This he duly did and the Buddhist religion in Lanka dates from that period. Hence the religious connection is strong.
Even the entire Sinhalese race has Indian origin and is descendents of 700 followers of a Prince Vijay a King, who was exiled from Sinhapura in Bengal to Lanka in 543 BCE. Wall murals in the Ajanta caves depict this episode in graphic detail.

The entire present Sinhalese race is supposed to have sprouted from the followers of Prince Vijay. Being Aryans , the Sinhalese consider them as superior to Tamils and there has only been an uneasy peace between the two. There was a bloody ethnic war led by the LTTE, but the Tamil insurrection was crushed, with a not little help from India.

Thus the connection between the Sinhalese and North Indians is strong and even genetically it is proved that the Sinhalese are akin to people from Bengal and Orissa.


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
22nd Nov 2015 (#)

There was no need for much of killings recently but we don't learn that coexistence is the only way forward.

Thanks for this highlight of the history of Sri Lanka - siva

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author avatar ladybird
23rd Nov 2015 (#)

Thank you Siva

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