The Spy Pen Camera, an Example of Miniaturization

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Modern electronics has brought out a pen that doubles as a camera.It is good fun and can be used for spy activities as well.

A Pen as a Camera as a Well

The world is changing and the stress is on miniaturization. One of these miniaturizations is the spy camera that has flooded the market. Such a camera pen has its advantages as carrying larger equipment, such as a still photo camera or an audio/video recording system is obviated. In addition it is an excellent foil for work of a secret nature.
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Pen Camera
The camera and the recording facility are all hidden inside the pen, which not only looks like a real pen but also functions like an ordinary ball point pen. The pen has a pinhole camera mounted near the top of the pen case. This pin hole camera can take still images in black and white or color as well as has video recording facilities. All the pen cameras come with a certain memory capability. This memory is directly proportional to the number of photos or length of video footage that can be stored.
Since the pen camera weighs only about .25 lb, it is easy to carry in your pocket. In addition you can write with it like a normal pen, and that will not arouse suspicion. The spy pen is the smallest digital video recording device ever produced. Despite its size the spy pen camera does a good job of recording video and audio.
Generally most spy cameras can be operated by pressing a button on top of the pen. The moment you activate the button a yellow light will appear signaling that recording has begun. A repeat of pressing the button again will show the appearance of a blue light. This shows that the pen is now in the standby mode.
Modern science has insured that the spy pen can work for a fairly long time with a lithium ion battery. This battery can allow the spy pen to operate for about an hour and a half. But in real terms I have found that continuous recording is not practicable for more than about 45 minutes. Most of the pens come with a built in memory of 2 GB and Video resolution is at 352 x 288. Some cameras will have a resolution of 640x480. Generally the video will be recorded at 15 frames per second...
Most of the pen cameras use MPEG4 or 3GP recording format and the video files take up about 900kb per minute. After the recording the device can be plugged into your PC or Laptop and you can transfer the files to your hard disk. This can be done through a USB port.
At the moment, the spy pen video camera is compatible with any PC which has Windows 2000, XP and Vista as its operating system. Hence do ensure that your PC is compatible with the spy pen camera you buy. However the best part is that the Spy pen also doubles up as a flash drive and that can be a great help in an emergency.
The market is flooded with these spy pen cameras that can be priced anywhere from $21 upwards. Japanese and German manufactured spy pens will be costlier, but the Chinese manufactured spy pens are cheaper and serve the same purpose. But I have found that some of the Chinese pens audio recording is a little warbled, in contrast to the Japanese manufactured spy pens. I would recommend a Japanese manufactured spy pen that comes with 16GB and 32 GB memory. They may cost a little more but the picture and sound clarity is excellent


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17th May 2011 (#)

I find this to be just too cool. I gotta have one! LOL
Nice read. Thank you for sharing.:)

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Superb reporting on this. Well done!

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