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There is a possibility that there are Star People walking amongst us on planet Earth.

Galactic Travelers

According to the Mayans, they would get frequent visitors from galactic travelers from the sky whom they called the Star People. Inside the pyramids of the Mayans and the Egyptians are drawings of spaceships and the Star People. The pyramids in Central America and the pyramids in Egypt are geometrically and astronomically aligned with the star constellations. A mystery is about why the Mayan and Egyptian pyramids are very similarly constructed when they are located geographically on opposite sides of our world. A third party must have had to be involved and it could have been the Star People. Ancient civilizations were well advanced when it came to science, astronomy, and mathematics.

Our earth is possibly filled with Star People walking around in human bodies. The Star People come to Earth from other planets within our vast universe. The theory is that they travel to Earth in spirit form. They will enter a chosen baby fetus before it has a soul. The baby is born with a human body but with a spirit from another world. Remember that we are all spiritual beings taking up temporary residence in a human body.

The concepts of extraterrestrial life and reincarnation need to be understood and accepted in order to fully understand that Star People could possibly be amongst us. Many people are skeptics and do not want to believe in life from other parts of our universe. It is good to keep an open mind that we are not the only spiritual beings existing within our vast universe.

How do you explain a five year old child prodigy who can sit down at a piano and start playing Mozart from memory. Where did that creative spiritual intelligence come from? Could it be a mature spirit from the past that has taken residence in this little child's body? This is a supernatural intelligence that could belong to a Star Person.

Contactee chronicler, Brad Steiger. says, " that you may be a Star Person if you have a magnetic personality, require little sleep, hear unusually well, work in the healing or teaching profession, and harbor the suspicion that this world in not your home." According to Steiger, there are four types of Star People, who are the utopians, energy essences, and reincarnated extraterrestrials. All of them have been placed on Earth to prepare it for the great changes that will come in the wake of worldwide disasters that will precede mass landings by the Star People's relatives from a different world.

George Tupak, a visionary shaman, wrote the following about being a Star Person, "Many will be doing the work that they came to do, without ever finding out that they came from the stars. There are those who have adapted wonderfully and never feel the longing. And those, who from time to time go outside to gaze up toward the stars and wonder. Many Star People develop interests in science, environmental issues, and the New Age. Some of them are keen talkers about a wide variety of subjects that include teaching that started from a young age. Star People will be gentle, sensitive, and very conscious beings. They will be carrying a great concern over our environmental problems, problems in health, human interaction, and much more. They wonder why most others do not notice the obvious."

Many of us could be a Star Person and not realize it. We were socialized from a child in becoming human beings and our real identity as a Star Person could have been hidden deep within our subconscious mind. One thing that many Star People can agree on is that, "Being so human really hurts."


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author avatar MarilynDavisatTIERS
21st Oct 2013 (#)

Good morning, Michael; food for thought, and nourishing as well. ~Marilyn

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
22nd Oct 2013 (#)

Well I was on stage at age three and a Spiritualist friend of mine called me a Starsky or whatever, but I am more of a Sage/Observer . My best friend started his career at the age of five and played the piano since.
None the less, Starskies can be very eccentric while Sages/Observers extremely silent doing third party observations.

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author avatar Tranquilpen
24th Oct 2013 (#)

Hell Michael, I really enjoyed your views on the paranormal. Are you related to another writer and great friend here on wikinut, Beverly Borresen?

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