The Struggles and Triumphs of Existence and Life

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Life for all is a struggle for genuine greatness. Some know it, some do not, too well. Some have genuine direction from within themselves, some do not. But, this is for certain, greatness is a conscious struggle, and satisfaction with less is ignorant bliss waiting for tragedy. All who seek must find something, all who seek nothing are satisfied with what they get. As I shall soon detail in this article, there are only two ways to go, up or down. May the right choice be made.

The Winners Circle and "the whiners circle"

Professional swimmer Mark Spitz once said long before professional swimmer Michael Phelps something about "We all love to win, but who loves to train?" That saying shows that the training and the playing itself are as important as the quality of the winning. In fact the difference between the winners circle and the whiners circle is this: The whiner only has a goal of winning, the winner wins the game all the way through from the training, to the game itself to the winning of the championship. The game is well played and won at all levels, and if loss happens it is done gracefully, knowing there is always another chance to do what one loves to do. If the whiner happens to win, they think that is the ultimate goal and there is nothing else to achieve. A real winner gets better and better all the time at what they are doing loving the process.

The whiners circle, even if one wins then, is the real losing circle. The winners circle loves the process all the way through. What do you think was Abraham Lincoln's one sole virtue over Jay Gould that made him a legend anyway? That persistence that says, "I enjoy the process even if I lose temporarily to ultimately win forever." That alone, no matter what Jay Gould's virtues or other achievements were is the game-winner right there in a sense. In that sense also, I would like to say that greed is not good, nor is empty profit without heart.

To enter the genuine gates of heaven, a permanently positive mindset must be achieved. For negativity, fear and hate at least feel like hell anyway, and take you straight to the whiners circle.

"A mind not to be changed by place or time. The mind is its own place, and in itself Can make a heav'n of hell, a hell of heav'n." -John Milton, the blind poet from the seventeenth century who wrote "Paradise Lost" and "Paradise Regained".

The Power or the weakness

Last night, I was reading a Rhonda Byrne book called "The Power" and I realized the crux of this article. We do not go to hell or heaven, we are in hell or heaven through our perceptions of reality. It is that simple, so many times that it is something we genuinely overlook easily or hardly.

The real weakness, however much "success" is achieved is within anyone who allows the weakness to happen, or for that matter strength is created through the person who makes that. It is all up to us under existence and God.

I know, that last line will jibe badly with some readers, but it is the reality I see.

Let me use myself as a "guinea pig" example here: I had a great childhood although it took me years to see it. My parents were good people who did the right things genuinely and my sister doted on me, and I even had the quirky best friend who was the best (and still is) to me in so many ways (Alan Sisson). Sure, I had my little troubles that kept me seemingly in the whiners circle at times, but I knew overall that the winners circle is where I am at, and that The Power is with me, and the weakness can be overcome with effort. I get it.

Sure, I would have loved a "meteoric rise at a young age", but then I think about Michael Jackson or child star "successes" who go down without being able to handle it later, and I am all right with what I have and what I can genuinely achieve. After all, I love the training as much as the playing and winning in my life anyway ultimately, and fortunately, "success and the meteoric rise" will come when I can genuinely handle it and am ready for it about like Susan Boyle I think, but, better in some ways in that I will know exactly what is going on, why, how and all. That is the best I understand. The Power has "kept me down", but the right time is coming.

The Miracle Man

The real miracle I see, is everything happening in the right and ideal sequence in life. That is the real miracle. All else is just not too much. Even if it is "amazing", even if it is "incredible" and all of those adjectives. Everything has its ideal time, right down to the flower blooming right as an example. The other Sunday before I wrote this article, I was on the Church grounds at Saint John's Lutheran Church watching the bumble bees help the flowers bloom and thinking of this paragraph and section really, and also thinking: "The real miracle is not amazing, it is common as things happening at the right time and in the right sequence perfectly and in sync." So, considering my survival without much mishap to this point and even a little genuine success once in a while at the right times, I am the miracle man. After all, failure is a slip and not a fall, and all success is permanent once it really happens. It has to be looked at that way or it is all nothing. The worst does not last and the best is a miracle. That is also how it has to be looked at. So, I end by quoting the Beatles: Let it be.


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