The Suit of Clubs in Cartomancy

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A more in-depth view of the suit of Clubs for use in playing card reading.


We have now arrived at the Suit of Clubs. As I might have stated earlier, the Clubs are a suit devoted to prosperity of a worldly variety. They deal mostly with cash, careers, and sometimes marriage. If it is of a practical, job (or potentially politically) related matter, the Clubs will probably crop up at least once or twice. Unlike the suit of Spades, should a Club be drawn during a yes/no question, though, the answer tends to fall into the realm of “no, but…” meaning no, however there’s something that can be done.

The Suit of Clubs

King of Clubs: Traditionally, this card represents a dark man (usually means hair color or skin tone), who is honest and is of a more or less humanitarian nature. He is faithful in business, as well as in love, and tends to generate happiness wherever he goes. Basically, a man worth getting to know, as he is a rather positive influence on those around him. He is also likely to make a good husband.

Queen of Clubs: Typically a brunette who is trusting and affectionate by nature. She draws the attention of the opposite (and perhaps same) sex with an almost magnetic pull through charm alone. She is also quite vulnerable to attractions from the same.
Jack (or Knave) of Clubs: This is a card with two potential meanings. On the one hand, it can men a sincere, generous, and well-trusted friend who will go to great trouble for you. This card may also mean the thoughts of a dark (dark-haired, usually) man’s thoughts. Traditionally, there is advice that upon the drawing of a Jack of Clubs, count nine in every direction from it for the cards in order to receive appropriate guidance. I have never really used this myself, but consider it food for thought.

Ten of Clubs: Typically, this card represents good from a quite unexpected source. While the message is good, however, the messenger (or sender) tends to be quite neutral. The good sent is usually of the monetary variety. There is a second meaning to this card (and sometimes they go together,) which is the loss of a close and much-loved friend.

Nine of Clubs: This card traditionally represents difficulties, usually through opposing a friend’s desires. Now, this does not always mean that it is done on purpose, but it does mean that it happened/is happening/will happen. The best thing to do is to work out what your friend is really after and try to strike a deal. If that’s not possible, then make sure he/she can’t trace things back to you. Not all of my advice is cheerful, you know.

Eight of Clubs: Should this card pop up it means, speaking frankly, someone is getting greedy. It can be the inquirer themselves, a friend or family member, or even an outside party that may come into play down the line. Generally, though, if this card is drawn it is warning the individual (or individuals) concerned against gambling money through investments or otherwise. Caution is the rule of the day with this card, so dial it back a bit.

Seven of Clubs: This card is traditionally a “good news, but…” style of card. Should this card be drawn, one may expect a great deal of happiness and good luck/fortune to be showing up soon. However (my least favorite word,) there may be troubles caused by a member or members of the opposite sex. So if you strike it rich suddenly and get this card, give it a day or two before you hit the town.
Six of Clubs: The Six of Clubs is an interesting card, and the agreed upon meaning is that the inquirer can expect some rather lucrative business in their future. This card, however, can also relate to the potential for excellent fortune in business for the inquirer’s children, as well! Like all cards, context is key.

Five of Clubs: Wedding bells are chiming! When the inquirer has this card in their spread, a marriage is on the horizon. This is interesting, because this means the marriage is also “advantageous” to the one in whose spread this appears. It is what people used to call (and may still call) “marrying up.” This means marriage that will improve the standing of the lucky person in the social or economic arena… Or both!

Four of Clubs: A bit of potential danger with this card. Typically, the Four of Clubs represents a warning against potential lies and back-stabbing behavior. If you know anyone with a history of playing “double agent” or more accurately “two-faced d-bag” this probably relates to them. Keep on your toes, be clever, and watch your six.

Three of Clubs: This card can be taken so many different ways, now. The Three of Clubs usually means multiple marriages are likely. The average number is two to three. Some previous authorities in the area of English cartomancy state that these marriages will involve a heft financial advantage.

Two of Clubs: The Two of Clubs is another warning card, though like most of the Clubs with warnings, it is not as severe as the Spades. This particular card simply warns an individual that the possibility of disappointment or opposition is lurking somewhere close at hand (relatively speaking, in our era.) Care will be needed to avoid such things, or to work through them relatively unscathed. Naturally, surrounding cards provide insight into likely results of this drawing.

Ace of Clubs: Good news! Should this card arrive in the spread, the inquirer is most probably going to have a good go of things. Traditionally, this card represents wealth, a happy, peaceful home, prosperity of all stripes, and the promise of gainful employment/business. So if this card shows up, things will generally pan out alright. The presence of bad cards, however, may detract from some of this good fortune, however. Though like all things in this suit, the good fortune comes mostly from you.


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