The Talangka Mentality

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Another interesting trait of many Filipinos is the the crab mentality. Do you think there is a way to change this kind of mentality? Is it really a normal part of our culture?

Talangka Republic

Another negative traits taught in the school about Filipinos beside Bahala Na attitude is the talangka mentality or crab mentality. I heard this often when I am in college when our topic is about Filipino culture.

Right now I seem to agree that this is really an attitude of a lot of Filipinos and it is a common mentality, actually they don't see anything bad about it.

We all have the idea why we call this as crab mentality. Crab mentality according to is when people pull other person or group of people down.

So what is the main point? The main point is, people who engage in this mentality typically feels like they are being cheated in the race of life. Aware or unaware we all seem to be involved in the race of life like who has the most number of medals? who has the newest car? Who has the most friends in Facebook? who has tons of money in the bank?

Those who pulls down are actually, doing it intentionally. Seeing others going far, far away on the race needs to be inhibited, curbed, suppressed, restrained. Because their pride cannot simply take that you are far better than them. It hurts a lot. This gives them a sense of security when they are able to sabotage your efforts. Anyway, its better to see others fall than see them on the top. What is important is that we are in the top and our competitors are struggling again in the bottom.

I observed a bucket of small crabs when my mother bought some and I really take fun seeing them racing out of the bucket. Some are making it and almost on the top but they suddenly falls. The crabs, I guess are doing it unintentionally, they have no plans to pull others down they just want to climb all the way to the top. But the case with people is different, pulling others down is very intentional, in fact carefully constructed.

Ants and Teamwork

While I personally experience this one in life, it is really sad. I just hope Filipinos will be more like ants and their teamwork. We do need each other and what is the use of pulling others down? what if someday you may need their help?

It is far better to be happy with the accomplishments or achievements of other people than to hold a grudge because they are doing better. It is better that when we climb the success of life we still look for those people who are at the bottom and go back to help them reach the status where we are in.

In crab mentality, you are making sure you are far ahead than your competitors, making sure they are 10 steps away from you, and when you see them at the bottom all you can say is --Ha! good for you!

I mean if you just forget this attitude you will be more happy in life. You don't care if others are over you and instead aspire more to be like them someday in the future or you idolized them since-wow! they are so amazing!

Then when you see your competitors on the miry clay why not go back and help them and pull them out as they sink down the quicksand of life. You see you can be a hero!


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