The True Meaning of Mortality

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This articles explores what it means to be 'mortal' as individuals and that of a society. Although we've come to see some of the consequences of our mortality as detrimental, it's also consists of affects that make us definitively human.

What Does it Mean to be "Mortal"?

Mortality; one of the few facts we know about life that is neither truly forgotten but we're not reminded often enough about during our lifetimes. We can sometimes find ourselves being so embroiled within our own daily lives that we forget we're beings of a mixture of circumstances that lead to out development meaning that we forget to grab and embrace the temporal lives we have. Now this article isn't all about doom and gloom, hopefully far from that, but our mortality is what gives us reason to pursue our dreams with all of our drive knowing that our time is limited. Ask yourself, if you know you had all of the time in the world to achieve what you wanted then would you desire anything at all? There would be nothing to keep us going forward; infinite chances to try again, infinite chances of retribution, infinite chances to be where we need to be, this reality would be nothing more than a double-edged blade as we'd become lazy by not using our strength to push ourselves to be the absolute best we can be.

The Cost and Reward of Being Human

As people it's natural for us to be physically, mentally and emotionally challenged and scarred when certain situations arise in life whether they be situations we're prepared for or not, we have to go through a recovery process afterwards that we've come to do almost naturally.There are times when it takes especially longer for us to overcome what hurts us and looking towards the future from the start of a scenario may seem long-winded and endless but when we do eventually conquer our pain or struggle we see how we got to that place to begin with and ensure we don't end up there again, this is natural survival instinct and one that makes us stronger by overcoming our trials. These triumphs of trial enable us to grow, it's not something that remains static and those that experience their victories witness what they're truly capable off which is a especially beautiful thing.

We do not always grow strong as a direct consequence of pain however, sometimes our own sheer determination can make us better people or for example the love a parent feels for their child can make them want to be the best role model they can be. Why would one desire to be anything more than mortal? The trials and tribulations one experiences serve as a true example of what you're truly capable of to yourself and those around you, the challenge of overcoming what stands before us only bestows a purpose of strength followed by a feeling of success that can rarely be matched.

As human beings, we're blessed with a large amount of qualities that be strengthened alongside our survival instinct. What can we truly improve upon; our mind and knowledge, our body strength and stamina, our spirit and willpower, each one of our senses among many others and we've also the conscious ability to decide whether we want to build on what we have or not. If there was no sense of time, life and death, then our focus would be lax and without purpose which would lead to no growth, reflection or legacy. In life, there's the unavoidable truth that loss of one thing beckons the coming of something new and with that we only need to look for strength in the newfound knowledge and experiences we face by looking back and removing what was once detrimental towards us.


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