The Truth about Demons and Possession

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A look at demons, devils and possession. Looking at the comparison to mental illness and how to disern the differrences.

3 Stages of Demon Infestation

This installment about the paranormal is the both the oldest and most mysterious of all paranormal entities. I am talking about demons. Demons, devils and Satan himself are said to occur to people who are susceptible to possession, even if you aren’t Catholic. It is said that a demon possession can only happen with the participant’s permission; unfortunately permission can be granted after the person is worn down by the demon’s presence in their lives. A demon can literally wear away your will through concerted attacks until you no longer have the will power to fight its presence. There are three stages to demon attacks, infestation, when the demon acts like a spirit haunting and begins to wear down a single person in the home. Oppression, this stage is where the demon begins an all out attack against an individual, trying to get them to give up and ultimately leading to the third stage, possession.

Infestation-The first Stage

Infestation appears to the individual or household as a ghost or other human haunting. It can have aspects of a poltergeist, by throwing things, making loud and annoying noises and generally disrupting the lives of the individual or household. A lot of people are fascinated by the appearance of a ghost and after the initial fear, many people endear themselves to the “spirit”, who is usually seeking some help or uses a person’s natural sympathies to become close with the person. The difference between a spirit haunting and a demonic haunting is a spirit is usually trying to get your attention, but won’t cause physical damage or violent occurrences. The demonic haunting is more physical, disruptive, and eventually leads to an all out offensive against the person it has chosen. This can occur slowly or can escalate very quickly and sometimes it will skip this step and go right to oppression.

Opprerssion--The Devil is Close

Oppression is when the gloves come off and the demon shows its true colors. It will physically and psychologically attack people. It will try to disrupt a person’s life by waking you up at strange hours, whispering in your ear, showing you horrible scenes in your head and generally making you feel like you are losing your mind. This is done so that the person will eventually “give up” and allow the demon to enter the person’s body, taking control of them, like a human puppet. This is called possession.

Possession--Cal the Exorsist...or Your Dr.

Possession is full out demonic take over. The demon can possess the person at anytime and make them say things they wouldn’t ever say, do things they wouldn’t normally be capable of doing. The following are a few of the physical signs you might encounter with a person who is possessed.
1 The person speaks a language they could not possibly know. (Or speak English with unusual accents.)
2 The person speaks in tongues.
3 The person will become completely rigid where they cannot be moved at all, even by multiple people.
4 Look for changes in the eyes. They may turn almost black like shark eyes.
5 Look for obvious changes in their features.
6 The person may possess inhuman strength.
7 The person may exhibit “precognition,” the ability to predict the future.
The first thing a person should do if they experience radical changes in behavior is seek medical attention. Many of the signs of possession are also signs of mental illness. I am not saying that if you or someone you love experiences these or any of the other signs, that they are possessed. A medical diagnosis is probably the most rational and correct explanation. I am saying that if treatment doesn’t work for this if things don’t improve after pursuing medical and psychological explanations, then you might want to look at spiritual reasons.

Consider the Possibilites

Most people think that only Catholics can be possesses or only people who believe in demons or the devil can become possessed. That is simply not true. The devil is real, demons are real. It doesn’t rely on your belief to act, they are there whether you believe it or not. As a matter of fact, they would prefer you not believe, that way you won’t seek help for the problem and you will allow the attacks to continue. If you would like to know more about this topic, just look up “demon possession” or find books by leading experts in the field. Ed and Lorraine Warren are two people who have studied these occurrences. Ralph Sarchie, a policeman with the NYPD is another who has been fighting demons and has a good knowledge of possession. A movie about his experiences is coming out this summer “Deliver Us from Evil”. Please don’t dismiss this as because you don’t believe in it. Remember this quote by the French poet Baudelaire “The Devil's greatest trick was convincing the world he didn't exist.”


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