The Value of a Pet.

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It may be extra work owning a pet, but the rewards you get from it makes for a very pleasurable experience.

The Value of a Pet.

Many years ago, I groaned when my daughter wanted a DOG, and thought about the mess of its hairs, vet bills, and the extra money spent on dog food. But after we had him, our beautiful Prince totally won me over, and I have always had to have a dog in the house since.

The love and loyalty you get from a dog is immeasurable, they love you for yourself, no matter how tired and grizzly you might feel, and stroking your dog will soothe you. They also protect you, they would lay down their life for you if they had to, you are the centre of their universe. If you weigh up these positive things, then who cares about a few hairs, or the occasional vet bill, and doesn’t he earn his dog meat by making you feel safe, especially when you are alone at night?

CATS are more discerning, they are graceful , temperamental, and can also be very loving, but don’t expect them to be loyal. They are not made that way, and will brush past anyone new with curiosity, even if they are a burglar. They love you in a self centred sort of way, and they have great characters , and are very intelligent.

Another plus from having a pet is:

FIRSTLY Your children will not be scared of dogs if they have their own one.

SECONDLY If you allow them to care for their own pet, they will learn responsibility, patience and how to be gentle and treat an animal with respect.

THIRDLY They will have such a rapport with their pet, it will stand them in good stead in future life, as patience and tolerance are attributes they will need all through their life.

Pets are to be cherished and appreciated, they bring a much better quality of life to many people, and long may it continue.


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author avatar Jeremy Mailman
6th Aug 2010 (#)

Your article brought back memories of my pets - dogs and cats. Nice piece.

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author avatar Chris
6th Nov 2012 (#)

Carol, how do people get over the grief of a dieing pet... I feel like i can never have a pet. On my 15th birthday my greyhound got arthritis from jumping a fence and breaking his leg. He was 14, We had to put him down on my birthday...

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author avatar Carol
23rd Mar 2015 (#)

Oh Chris, only just seen this comment, so sorry to hear about your greyhound. Hopefully your grief is a bit less now, but all the dogs I have had still live in my heart, I guess we just have to learn to cope with the loss.

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