The War in the Niger Delta of Nigeria

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The Niger Delta Crises is simply the fall out of years of insensitivity and neglect on the part of successive Nigerian authorities. It is a classic case of what a pent up anger, frustration, poverty and deprivation can unleash in the course of time.

The Niger Delta Crises

The crises rocking the Niger Delta region in southern Nigeria is a classical example of what greed, insensitivity, deep seated corruption and injustice can throw up in the course of time.
Without mincing words, all successive regimes failed as far as Niger Delta is concerned. Instead of empowering and touching the lives of the people, the authorities were more concerned in strategies to fill their own pockets which through the years facilitated the pervading and annoying poverty in the region. The most painful part is that the stolen money is not even hidden. It is flaunted with careless abandon as if to say "what can you do about it"
For decades, the Niger Delta people have been patient, praying to God to touch the mind of the leaders, but you will agree with me that where the status quo persist, one finally reaches the snapping point. Therefore, the emergence of militancy in the Niger Delta of Nigeria did not come as a surprise to close watchers of Nigerian politics.
Indeed, it is very unfortunate that people don't learn from history. for if they do, they would have seen the hand writing on the wall a long time ago, they would have known that rebellion is just a matter of time for people oppressed and denied of their rights.However, there is no doubt that some elements have cashed in on the genuine aspiration of the people committing criminal acts, which is quite very unfortunate and condemnable.
Be that as it may, to resolve the crises and bury it for good, the Federal, State and the Local governments should put their heads together in drawing up a marshal plan that will adequately take care of the development of the area and also empower the long deprived and suffering people of the region. Presently, the major problem in the region is that of massive unemployment of the youths. The cosmetic approach of the Government at the center today is not enough. It has not gone anywhere to address the deep rooted problems in the area. Yes, tension may have abated, but it is not a sign that peace has returned to the land. There is a lot to do, to undo the damage of decades ago. As said earlier, all the tiers of government must genuinely get involved, not just the federal government alone. Then, may be with time, the wounds and pains of the past, will gradually dissolve into the far recesses of memory.


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