The Wealth of Knowledge Increases by Sharing

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How does our knowledge grow? It was an interesting comment by writer Siva that prompted further investigation into the subject of he fountain of knowledge. Today we are at the cutting edge of a new era, hopefully the golden age of knowledge.

Enjoy the Fountain

A comment by Sivaramakrishnan A to "Is there any such thing as Useless Knowledge"

    We have now access to so much knowledge but we should also use it wisely. Just enjoying the fountain of knowledge without pondering and dissipating is a waste. It is through sharing wisely that we benefit society. And knowledge is not like (monetary) wealth - it never decreases even if you share whatever we know.

This is a very insightful thought, if we discover something and keep it to ourselves, other than as necessary for building a commercial venture, then information or knowledge is potentially wasted because it is something we can all use for the common good; provided of course we have to right background to make use of it. We live in an information age, and unlike any period from the past access to it is more possible than ever before, even in the most primitive of lands the majority of the population is able to read and write, the Internet is available to somewhere near four billion people and that number grows daily. In its early days "sex" may have been the buzz word of this medium, but today this tool brings any information about any subject to TV's, phones, tablets, computers, and potentially watches. It is simply a matter of having a knowledgeable person publish a page on that subject, indeed we are truly a connected world and if the item is published in another language, no problem, simply translate it to the language we can use.

One thing is also true "if your mind is idle and you sit around doing nothing, then soon it will become rusty" (Thanks to Madugundu Krishna) and a part of human development will come about because of active minds using the information they need to build their next great thing; information itself can be one of the sources of the fountain of youth.

What do You Need to Know?

A child's homework is made so much easier by having access to the web, indeed research any topic you care to and you will find answers on the Internet, from crime statistics in cities across the USA, which can be found from the Department of Justice, to weather forecast in any city you are thinking of visiting; how you use the information is up to you.

This aging man would have been glad to have had the chance to access the web during my school days; not sure my marks would have improved, but it would have saved many trips to the library across the city saving many hours of travel, not that there was anything wrong with the journey, but it was annoying at times as was only having limited access to materials because reference books could not be taken out on loan.

Finding what you need on the web, though, always requires a plan, have you ever performed a search and found the results to be irrelevant? Chances are you went about your search the wrong way, perhaps you did not use the right terms - remember there are times when American terminology works better, e.g. cellphone rather than mobile phone.

Cutting Through the Junk

Right now the Internet contains the best and worst information. Truth is that for every item of useful information there are one hundred items of junk, and that is becoming problematic. It would be good to have a "junk" filter that removes much of this from our vision and Google does help to some extent by removing items it sees as low value, these are articles that are exact duplicates and those with less than 300 words in them which are given a lower rank, but even after this filtering there is too much junk.

If writers would only write well rounded, well researched material than this would not be such a problem, but truth is publishing is all too easy and too many writers click the "Publish" button prematurely and this premature articulation therefore fails to convert their good intentions into masterpieces; there is poor editorial control and the allure of being paid or becoming famous is all too much for some, ultimately though if you do not have the discipline to check and re-check your submissions then all you will be doing is contributing to the junk pile; writers must take responsibility to improve the value of their content.

Until their is greater editorial control then the reader needs a strategy just to find worthy material - this is inevitably one area where software will be deployed to help searchers find quality content.

Increasing Knowledge

The ability to contribute to the human knowledge pool is something we should take pride in, it has far reaching repercussions and writers should question if the material they are producing will still be relevant 50 years after their death, when you are expanding the human knowledge base then the answer should be a resounding "YES". Even material that has a limited period of applicability, such as event previews and reviews may have some value in the future when researching the history of a particular era, which is one reason why it would be good to have ready and open access to full newspaper archives for the last 200 or more years; each would advance our knowledge of historic events.

Across the globe the intellectual capacity of the human species is on the rise, advance the clock a thousand years and the average person's intellectual capacity will exceed that of even the brightest person of today; so the availability of knowledge and information plus our ability to use it will start to grow exponentially at some point.

We can expect the quantity of information that exists about any specific subject matter to grow in leaps and bounds in the forthcoming years, but also we are likely to see the specialisations become more and more refined, with experts knowing larger amounts about a narrower field of expertise; there will likely be less room for the generality - the jack of all trades, unless of course that profession becomes more specialised.

Sharing is Vital

Much like a scientist publishing the results of their experiments in a specialist journal the Internet is available for general publication and by sharing we are making others aware of specific issues being faced or problem areas that need addressing; but of course people have to be searching, listening, and more importantly interacting, for the knowledge-base to grow. The future will have much to thank today's generation of contributors for one thing, taking the plunge, a history written sometime in the future may not remember any of today's bloggers or Internet adventurers, but without the work we do today the future of ideas and thought may not be as readily accessible and he future will have its Internet Shakespeares, or Miltons, or Copernicus, or Einsteins, and as much as this writer wishes to be included on that list it is doubtful he will be, but the point is many will.

Despite the huge geographical expanses of this world and the great divergence we see with the people in it, the world is a smaller place today, when compared to a century ago - if anything it is projected that this century is likely to be a sharing century and sharing is fundamentally changing the way we do everything today, bringing people together who may never physically meet and yet they can collaborate on major business projects or build fundamental friendships and communicate daily; we live in a very small world indeed. Such collaboration is vital to business and today entrepreneurs are building businesses that that allow them to span the globe and work remotely with ordering via the web, customer service in Los Angeles, India, and Northern England, manufacturing in Korea, the Philippines, and Canada, no corporate offices and an executive team that works from home offices.

Sharing is here to stay and that is a fact. During the remainder of the twenty first century we will develop techniques to share more effectively, but this is the sharing century.

Other Thoughts...

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author avatar Buzz
22nd Feb 2013 (#)

Thanks for this absorbing article, Peter.

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author avatar Stella Mitchell
22nd Feb 2013 (#)

Peter , as always what you write makes enormous sense . One thing I have found is that , one man's seeming junk may be another's gem that changes his life , and maybe that of others . Sometimes it only takes a few words of knowledge to make a difference , but if it is obscured among too much ' junk ' info then the good can be overlooked as well .
I think I'm paddling in deeper water here , so I had better get back in my corner :-o)
Bless you for your wisdom

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author avatar M G Singh
22nd Feb 2013 (#)

Peter, very well written post. You certainly make your points in a telling manner

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author avatar C.D. Moore
22nd Feb 2013 (#)

What a great piece of writing!
And so true.
Thankyou, for sharing Peter

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author avatar Rania, Jamie & Reni
22nd Feb 2013 (#)

Excellent article, our dear friend, Peter.

May I say it is to be remembered that when the seeding of this planet first began and during the time of Atlantis and Lemuria, technology was considered a fact of life.

Through ego and obstinacy mankind lost it all.

Uthrania Seila

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author avatar Susan Jane
22nd Feb 2013 (#)

Such a great perspective on the Wealth of Knowledge and sharing.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
23rd Feb 2013 (#)

Thanks indeed Peter for referring to my rather innocuous comments that has found fame! That itself shows what we write and comment is read and reread much beyond what we foresee. Yes, we are still building the foundation for sharing of information and useful knowledge and so it behooves on us to put our best foot forward every time before we click the "publish' button. I remember a comment attributed to President Reagan when told that during his time they did not have computers. His comment - but we invented them!

Another great step forward is the benefit students and even adults get in their ability to tap the best brains - online education and tutorials is already almost free to be tapped from every nook and corner of our planet. We still have miles to go before we sleep; step by sure step is the way - siva

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
23rd Feb 2013 (#)

great information this Peter...and thanks for sharing again Siv's innimitable wisdom...this is why Wikinut is such an important site...most people just dont get it unfortunately...

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author avatar Retired
24th Feb 2013 (#)

nice, share

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author avatar Buzz
24th Feb 2013 (#)

I wonder how objective you are, Peter, when it comes to my latest article. I got 635 on day 1 for my article"The Reincarnation of Jesus Christ" for whose title you referred me to the basic elementary rule for not being a catchy title. I didn't mind the cynicism and skepticism from an objective moderator.

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author avatar Delicia Powers
27th Feb 2013 (#)

thanks Peter...

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author avatar tz
6th Aug 2013 (#)

it is a wonderful thought, thanks for sharing.

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