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Leadership. A vast subject with a lot of content for sure. This will be about how to become a leader. For those who want to step ahead. For those who want to make their own path.

In The Making

If you are striving for a leadership opportunity then you can call yourself a leader in the making. Its going to be a hard process to get that opportunity rarely does one just happen to show up but anything is possible. This will be some good advice to get a feel of what a leader needs. Committed, Connected, and Creative.


A leader needs to be committed to the cause. Whatever it is that you are leading you should be committed to that group, and leading that group to your goal and achieving that goal. For example, a business owner who wants to grow and make money off of their business, therefore that business owner is committed. For the employees that work for that business follows the owner's lead. The owner needs the employees to do a good job so that the owner makes money. The owner is committed to those employees to help the owner make money and the business will continue to run.


As a leader, being ahead, above, or apart, from the group you are leading that in some ways can't be avoid. What I'm saying is that be connected to the people that you are leading on a personal level. Be their friend but balance that with being the leader, and that leader might have to push them sometimes. A leader needs to be able to give orders and the people you are giving orders to will follow those very well if they know you very well. A stranger rarely can persuade a entire group off of the path they are heading on. That's why a good leader is one who knows the people they are leading.


I'm not going to say this is the most important one it is just as important as the other two, I like this one the best. Be creative, as in when you need inspiration a creative leader can inspire. The thing is a creative leader creates, you got to be able to create. In any leadership position, you are creating the future of that group of people you are leading. Being creative helps, in so many ways its unreal. Have creative thinking, think outside the box, see the big picture. I know in some positions you have to be creative all the time but what I'm saying is that every leader can and should be a creative one.


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8th Jun 2014 (#)

A Good Leader always observes and learns the tricks of the trade and develops a strategy on how to combat it with all others following suit which comes from the art of listening, learning, empathizing and creation a pathway that One treads and leads while knowing the Longterm, Short term, Contingency and backout plans of life amongst other things....

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