The Worlds Heaviest Vegetarian

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Elephants grow new teeth, usually six sets, which push forward from the back, replacing the old, worn-out ones, which are pushed out at the front.

Not just a heavy vegetarian

The elephant is quite a record breaker he is the world’s heaviest vegetarian, the record so far 12,000 kilograms 26,000 lb The female has the longest gestation period of 22 months of any land animal, think about it ladies 22 months wow.

Elephants also have the largest brain in the animal kingdom, the male elephant can eat as much as 660 pounds that’s 300 kg of vegetable matter a day made up of mostly grass, tree leaves and branches, wild fruits, twigs, shrubs, if fact he can be a problem as he loves to pull up young seedlings making it hard for nature to replenish, and on top of that he can drink as much as 50 gallons that’s 190 liters in a single day, in fact their day consists of eating, our elephant spends all day both finding and eating food, and the female eats even more when she is pregnant

The three species of elephant living today are

  • The African Bush Elephant,
  • This is the larger of the two species of African elephant

  • The African Forest Elephant
  • but there is a wide discussion about whether the two African species should be classed as one, but there are differences. The African forest Elephant
    is smaller and has a long, narrow mandible but the African bush Elephant is the larger of the two, also its mandible is short and wide.
  • The third species is the Asian Elephant
  • sometimes called the Indian Elephant, the best way of telling the difference between the African and the Asian is that the African Elephant’s ears are up to three times larger then the Asian.

Elephants grow new Teeth

Elephants have four teeth, molars, and with all that eating they soon wear them out, but this is not a problem because unlike most other animals who have a set of baby teeth that eventually fall out and are replaced by adult teeth, which they keep for their entire lives, elephants grow new teeth, usually six sets, which push forward from the back, replacing the old, worn-out ones, which are pushed out at the front.

Each set of new teeth are bigger then the one replaced and the last lot are eight inches long that’s 21 cm from front to back and they weigh more than nine pounds 4 kg thus making elephants teeth the biggest in the world (Another record) After he has used up his last lot of teeth Elephants feed on soft food but this is not enough to sustain them and they soon die from malnutrition

Elephants are a protected species

Elephants have no natural predators although tigers have been know to attack the young and sick, but if you can count any predator its got to be man, hunting the Elephant for many years for its Ivory tusks, now the Elephant is a protected species thank goodness, and can live as long as eighty years, and would live even longer if it were able to grow more teeth.

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