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"We all love to win, but who loves to train?" said Mark Spitz, the multi-gold medal Olympic swimming winner before Michael Phelps. That is the truth, and the goal may look daunting at the very beginning. But, in all honesty, if the goal is what you genuinely want, even the "hard process" is worth it, as I shall soon show.

Winning, what it really means

When we enjoy the process of achievement as well as the results, we are really winning. With that said: I go on with this article. Think about it, an empty trophy without an enjoyably competitive process to get to it means nothing. If everything were easy and without effort, we would be like the man or woman that is "given" a job with high pay and nothing to do really. Something would be missing or unfulfilled at many levels and not just "some level" like those people would probably surmise.

Reality is fulfilling and what we want. The fantasy is that we want to skip the fulfilling efforts it takes to genuinely achieve what we want. As Miguel Cervantes said in his novel "Don Quixote":

"The road is as good as the inn."

When we are fulfilled, he is right. When something is missing, and we are not genuinely doing what we want to do, he is not right. Think deeply about those last two sentences, for in them is the real key to fulfillment and winning in a genuine sense. Winning "for real" comes down to being what we want first, doing what we want second and then having what we want as "the trophy" we win. The most important part is being what we really want to be from the beginning although the end we get is important also, in that we have to have what we really want all the way through to be fulfilled genuinely.

Realistically writing

Fulfillment is not just winning then, it is more than a state of mind. It is a totality of being that encompasses being, doing and having what you or anyone really wants. It works any way you need it to work (not just want it to work) to teach you, fulfill you and get you really on your real and beneficial to yourself path.

Realistically writing, I am saying that we must be what we want to be genuinely before we can do or have what we want really. That is my simple message here and in the above section. All totality starts with being, without the being, nothing else can be achieved.


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