The all inspiring travel through time

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we reap what we sow. in spiritual world and the garden. so when it was my turn to face god. it came as ashock just what i had sown.its so exciting to know and understand just what our subconcous minds bring back to us. the full potental of our words and our thoughts==every theory in life is an important part in time. it all plays a part in the evolution of our improvement too the futures

A traveller through time.

It all started back in ones childhood. of the question we ask about our exsistance and what life all about. When we don,t get the right answer from what our minds want to understand. then it goes into our subconcious mind up till the right answer comes to us.
when ones interested in the stars the planets and the universe. it becomes quite surprising how its all connected.. Like most of us. we live a life as normal teenager the adults get married have children and our lives become so bussy that the mind stores things in our subconsous. that we photo graph in our daily lives. our mind are like a camera. it collects data that interests us but don,t have the time to do anything or explore our thought futher,like myself ive always being interested in the planet the star
the universe. horoscopes. and numeroledgy. and how people handled things in ancient times..When i was a child. id always wonder why. some people were black and others where white. It wasn,t untill I was forty befor the right answer came to me. the dark black is gods skin and the dark people are the block between us and the heat rays of the sun by vision i saw. that some cultures have sent their family tree ahead up through the middle of the sun. so this could be what called the split apple. this dark black of the universe around the sun and us is what prevents to much. heat to earth.if we as humans go to far towards the sun with our wisdom of words then the protection around the sun will leave us wide open to the earth being scorched. and dry up, like the other planets did. some burn with to much heat others froze. from the cold.


The day I realized that the connections to our lives and the atmoshere was when I went to the beach this day. it was so hot and a swim would be nice.
There was differant cultures at the beach this day. and I venture out about waist deep
laid on my back. and just let the water carry me in the waves. for a moment there I started to spin around with out even moving myself. Did i imagine my movements. so this time i,d try again and see if it hapepened again , Layed flat on my back arms keeping my balance,i look up to the sky and thought do you twist me around. if this is true do it again. Low and behold. it did happened again this time I saw the sun on both sides of the passage through high up. my theory one this is that a passage through the sun up the middle. is possible by others cultures family trees.One would have to see what I saw for themselves to fully understand what i,m trying to explain.this ive keeped in my subconsous mind for further update when god send me a message to improve on it.

the power of love

I too had these doubts did virgin mary concieve by spiritual incounter. and when a person has doubts about the truth god lets them experience it so they understand exactly what part they doubt.
my incounter with a spiritual partner was someone i,d known way back in my childhood . and id never meet him again. he lived in one part of the country myself in another. but this spiritual connection happened.. and i realized this is how virgin mary concieved. I myself didn,t concieve as i,d gone through the change in life by then. it I believed happened as two people whom was meant for each other. ( right eternal partner. ) never meet. so the strong love they have. build up and then it connects to each other in the spiritual world and incounter happens . ( the power of love) so all in all its more likely that virgin mary did concieve by a spiritual person whom was her right partner. that they couldn,t meet personally. I fully believe this now. as i understand how it came about. i was well aware of the person I connected to at all spiritual encounter

good and bad in us all

In my youth full days I,d read about the horoscopes. , numeroledgy, and what part does this play in our daily lives. with the horoscopes. they would point out the there was a negative and possitive side in all of us.and the aura of ones body. with the negative part. of my personality. When it came on me. i,d anlyize. myself to find out what causes these feeling .an d a impairment that happened to me. at my teenage years all added to my being negative sometimes. I found things on me that i,d said or down when i was a child. and question i,d asked with only part of the answer that had being told. so I corrected this in myself. then in my children if i saw them reat my mistakes. once one understands what negative things they did against others that on them they become aware not to repeat them against others. or be judgemental of others.
From the horoscopes i learn that one person was not completely whole. the opposites to the signs hold the other half of ones being complete..and the teory ive learnt on this over the years is the opposite to ones signs. was used to rotate gods wisdom of words. around other to even out the weather. now some people say they don,t believe in horoscopes. this is I believe because they used a differant method to rotate the wisdom of words. from planet to planet. mars. venus mercury, my belief a from my vision is we have lived on these planets befor and had the wisdom of words rotating perfectly around each levels . and we could of had space ships as well. but we made a mistake and broke the universe apart and had to start from scratch again here on earth.
as earth was or had become over time the only planet left with the weather rotating properly on it. so between us and the other planets are wisdom of words from our forefathers and mothers. from back befor our time began. Ever thing we do phyisically
here on earth. has a meaning from the past, for us to improve on .

my travel through time

All these unanswered question my subconous mind wanted to know about. came back at me in a rush but owing to the right question i,d asked over the years. I had a lot of wise ones bracing the tension so I did,t step out of line on it. I always did want to travel
see the world. but after the misfortune happened to me in 1960. my life took a turn in another direction.after the incident .I only had my values and respect for others private lives, to hang onto. that got me through my own family tree.path.
we were taught patience. always ask what one wants to know. and don,t over talk your elders. and what till you are spoken to verbally. befor one speaks.
this stood in good steed for me. as i traveled through time. by astral flying.. I went back into the past back to now and then saw what could be further ahead for all mankind.
I saw so much by vision on how we can all play a part in correcting and learning from n. our parents. and our forefathers and mother left behind for us to do. there past mistakes are our correction for our futures.In there time it was still primintive thinking

travelling through time p2

Over the years since 1997 when the comet went over and I experienced this astral fly through out my family tree. what my subconsious mind picked up but could conprehend
come back and each time I,m able to improve further. . wise the help of these wise people whom send me the right messages through god.AT the time of this comet I thought in might of being a camaflarged space ship . What I saw was differant colours of space ships and they would move very fast.. but is it images implaneted in the universe or our subconsious minds of the past.. As the bible has al the answers for us. my theory on what ive seen. time i,d see a skeleton heads.I would ask god for what reason am i being shown this. if its not meant for me to know then it dissappears
Once a person has learnt so far. in wisdom of life. an if they do see these skeletons heads. its as they are up to their fore fathers or mothers level they were on befor they pasted over. and if they rise up means it meant for that person, my belief in this is the part where the bible says they shall rise from the dead. When they rise up they open a passage for one to understand and improve on. in our human life today. and thi s is where my values I was taught as a child came into play. Don,t touch whats not your before your time.It was my grand parents. images I saw. and great grand parents,
From this my thoughts go back to the stars in the sky. our parents would say take a wish on a falling star. This to I belief represents the movement of our past families to rise up and open a passage through for that nextgenerations to learn more. The nursery rhymes were invented so childrens minds stayed at a level they could handle
when they are older they understand the true meanings of them. and the part they play in our lives and the weather and the universe. the moto in life is only take what one mind can handle at anygiven time. or they get brain over load. and confusion. when one learns slowly and surely then the path gets easy

overseas travel THE traveler in time

As Ive said earlyier in my story I always wanted to to travel overseas and explore the world. But finacailly I could,nt afford to with raising children and then granchildren and now great granchildren. my need for missing out of my teenage years. and all the sowing id done on wanting to know what our true existance was all about and the fact. that god made us in his image to help him with his plan, to conquer the whole universe. if this was so then why do we get old and die.god created us to keep helping him with his plan ,not to get old and die.
Most of my thoughts became pure by this time i,d correct as best I could my past mistakes in my children. so basically i had a free passage through. I traveled around the world connecting up with gods wisest one. whom understood gods messages he had for them. and in turn improved on the messages for life. this travelling didn,t cost me anything. just wise understand of others. so when I look back and thing how I missed out in living the life I want. I relealized god gave me the best gift of all. a free trip around the world by astral flying.. never was I given money for this wisdom its free to anyone. who wants to understand. as what i thought money was what I needed most to have a life that most have. my own home nice furniture. . this didn,t happen for me as god gave me a more important goal in life. was to help other understand what he had shown me..jesus knew what god knew about how human survival and safty of this planet. This same knoledgy has been passed to me. to help other understand

understandings my vision inspirations of time

Our body parts.For us to understand how god works in our lives. our body parts are made up just like theory on the vision I saw. god would have a whole at the top of his head. he would bend over us. suck up the mistakes or wisdom that wasn,t understood yet. send it out into the universe.(quote) god cleanse us from our sins,untill it was ready to be brought back. for us to understand.This i believe is how it was done in earlier times. as in days world we are living in our mistakes.that hasn,t being corrected in wisdom of words terms. and us as babies are born with a hole at the top of our heads then it closes again. god s would open and shut his hole as needed . there is a lot of gods who have understood and learnt the truth. but one god rules over ever one. the heavenly god, the lord god. god. jessus. and in our life time there would be a daughter of god and a daughter of time.
In our time and life. we all get the chance to face god in our spiritual world. when god asks for what reason should i let you into heaven. what a person replys to him with is what god send back for us to correct. ones thought and answer comes from their hearts . not verbally. my answer to god got me a peek. .. As we were all taught as children that our mistakes are all written in gods big book. this book is what we are up against. in our journey in life.
the ten commandments is the short cut to understanding. what gods true messages he sends one. the tencommandments we remember are the ones we are most likly to commit.we had to live by them not say them.
With our body parts. in life what we make fun of or treat with jest. comes back at us and causes us injuryies..god started his human life first by a round circle in the universe. then a head. eyes nose and a mouth .this was a energy force that he keeped inproving on.. he rotated the wisdom of what he knew so far in the shape of a clock face. representing his face. then hands. body arms and legs then as he made enough room to move around in he started creating human or people first was adam and eve.. they also created a shape of a wind mill. to rotate the wisdom around. softning ereas and pushing the tension to the outside as he progressed . As god body took shape he become and grew bigger and bigger in size.. with the creation of adam and eve. he bent over them to protect them from ou t side forces. sothey could prduce more ofsprings to increse the generations. the out side force was a test of how to handle teaching people right from wrong.. When adam got blamed from eating the apple.
When he was controlled by eve to do so. THIS little intentions of a mistake over centries spirialed out of control. around people.
part of life follow this mistake the other part learnt the right.way so in centries to come
the family tree got created as some families learnt further then others . . between ever culture there a sound barrier some cultures survived in a part of time befor our time bc became.


politics and god

befor parliaments ever started up. in our world. there was a promise on oath that there would be no poverity and those in need had to have help.
at lot believe they are atheists. but what they are saying is they don,t believe in the values and respect they were taught as children, by there parents or care givers as true christianity. is built on the values we were taught when young. live by them and one is on the right path of understand god swisdom words. when a law is brought in in parliament. its a criminal offence to break that law. themselves. to cover up their own wrong doings. of the rights of those in the public As primitive thinking is well to the fore in the public arena.
these wrong doings are being covered up. which in turn causes anger ones
The situation in the public has become very lopsided to others rights.The law was brought in to protect the innocent whom got blame when innocent. annd when jesus was born in life was for people to understand verbally and in words gods plan for human survival. and this planet. this to is why written work was brought in.If something said spiritually. it goes on someone else. and in turn the words get changed and mistakes against people happen. and some innocent people go to prison
as every ones minds determine things differantly. Ive found in life. is when one honest with ones self then its easy to be honest with others. and to see the truth.
This wisdom path can be done through the benefit of all human life

passing through time

My travels by astral flying took me through our family tree as high up and through the milky way. it got a bit bumppy at the top. .. the path through to rotate the wisdom
of words as we go is this ways. if we venture to far in any one direction we will bring in stuff from out side thta will be out of our meteor rite
over centries these have being pushed out by the power and strength of our thought pattern and so far have stayed on a clear track..
If we move to and fro. like a tree swaying in the wind. and move our wisdom of words as learnt around then we can clear a wider version as we go.and open the passage through .
our subconous minds are working flat tack on this. path for human survival. and most are mentally tied. as the answer gods sends indivigauls of what they want to know. goes on some one else. and the answer gets change. into other words. Once a person understand up to a certain level of gods wisdom only. then they are in a position to understand his path. more clearly. whats meant for one is no necessaryly meant for another as what one wants to learn might be something totally differant from their friends of mates

The clock face of time

As we learn more and more about our true meanings. the mind expands deeper into more. puzzles to unravel. one see s that our live are like a big jigsaw puzzle. and all the pieces need to be put back rightly.Like the nursery rhyme. (humpty dumpty ) once we all work together and put the pieces back the right way. life will be much easyier . no ill health no death.and we all be healthier weathier and is our last chance to get it right if we distroy this planet. like the others. . but with wisdom of words we can created life back on mars venus mercury and bring the weather in and around the planets like we have on earth. Since we are all going in differant directions with this. plan of gods . first we needed to get the weather on earth right first. and the rest of the planets will be easy... noah ark is a time thats is very prominent around the world. when extreme wet weather happens thats part of noah arks day.coming in, In the alps where the four seasons meets. there is a music sound. and this has being heard. as a nursery rhyme was created from it (the tower of the four winds.)
The rotation of the weather can be done by us human beings. some come down in th e black.(wise ones) and it will bring rain gently. and if to much rain some can go out into the light to bring the sun. this is possible as it work in small places of the wisest one, but if we could get it working world wide the extreme disaster would be no more. the snow could melt. as snow was never I believe as snow was never a part. of gods plan for earth or land. as our planet is still at the early stages of progress and completion
IF my theory is true and we befor time broke the universe apart. and earth was the only planet left. for life to start again. then earth was only partly done. with part weather getting to it. saturn is a planet where god got as far as rings around it... SO you see the more we learn and improve on the more our children will have to improve even further.
Even if we only come up with part of the truth. of our true existance and survival. there will always be some one else out there working on the full part. as before our subconsious minds never stop working.

tick tock times a ticking

An other experiences I had.that triggered a memory off that some thing i knew but didn,t know how i knew happened while going out and visiting with a other culture friend
We were at this barbacue.. beatiful day not a cloud in the sky. we all sitting under this maque. just chatting. mixture of cultures. then all of a sudden a gust of wind came. from where wa s beyond meit all of a sudden lefted the tent up. like someone was above it holding in the air, this friend jumped and and run out side the maque. and as soon as he was out side it stopped and the maque fell back in place.
This sight never left me as there was no wind about and a fine day.. this is when I realized the we could control the weather with the right wise ones in place. Did my or our subconcious minds know this from past times we have live before and gets past down generation. to generation and the more aware of our true existance. the more the answer come to us.the family I connected up to was at the same level of understanding and i believe god showed me another step in his plan

Tick tock time awasting

The messages that I believe god sends improve on his wisdom of words. that in the past lives we would send. a wisdom message to the next level once understood. by way of the moon THE nursery rhyme that represents this is. =The cow jumped over the moon =. when id look at the moon sometimes there would be differant culture around the white of the moon. and if i watched hard enough or lifted my head would expand further out. and white part would get the center, with the brown culture on the out side.
did we in past times send wiisdom messages over the moon to the next level.. why did god have a moon around each planet. was this what he used it for. to part the wisdom befor it came back down again.. If it reach the top of the moon then to next wise person then sent to the other planets if this theory is true, then wisdom was sent to the moon held by wise ones. then sent out to the next planet. like mars. venus and mercury.
they keeped what they need to knowand learn more, then past it back to the moon what theyed learnt. then back to the next planet and so on. SAY for instince. that we lived on mar venus and murcury and they were fully weather planets. so far. and earth was still in the making. did the wisdom of our words from past live befor our time began. rotated it up to the moon and down to earth to create the weather around earth. as the no moon around these planets so is this the erea gods plan started from to create a world of livig people. .. The easy part through with out to much tension. is in the shape of a ball and chain.
and on earth they would put a ball and chain on people. in olden days
and if when we broke the universe apart from what we had done so far. The dark black came alaround each planet untill people life could survive no more
as it blocked out the suns warms of the path that was created to heat the planets, its all in th eye of the beholder

The eyes have it

The catch phrases. from our parents. play a big roll in helping us understand more of the wisdom of words path.Iether our parents knew the truht of our existance. and could put it all into words properly to us. or did they to know that our subconious minds know the truth. so said catch phrases to us when they couldn,t explain. in detail
The true meaning of the words its all in the eyes of the beholder. is one only see as far as the wisdom of words they understand and learnt. Never be envious or jealous of what other have. as whats meant for one may not be meant for another.
there more to the eye then meets the eye. . which i will keep a secret for now. Like when a baby. one travel through the imediate family of what they see. so this happen to older ones to.. we older ones go as far as the wisdom of the family tree allows as wisest one are ahead. and when a persons ready for a part then god brings it into them. when people say they are coloured blind. are they looking in the wrong direction for a answer of wisdom. all these unexplained or situations ive seen over the years trigger something of. as i,m a retiree, i have no intentions of growing old and dieing with understand these unanswered question that interest me a lot. people cann accuse and blame other all they want. when their own guilt comes back at them but an innocent person and a wise one knoows their own faults and hangups and thier blame is like water of a ducks back

The water of a ducks back

Now ducks play a part in our existance to. What part you ask. Well it was gods movement that started. the words of what to call animals and birds. GOD would duck his head. when he was in the middle around people so the good would go to other.
and women stayed at shoulder length of men. men would bring the wisdom down to the women or partners.. of what they and god had worked out. And as they were on differant levels. ones would duck their heads for that part wasn,t meant for them. and it would go to the next level. and the saming originated from Its like water of the ducks back.Alot of us do it now when something gets downed on us and we no its not our lives we duck our heads . The theory behind this is to let people no there is more to our lives then work play and sleep. and our movements are a very important part of thinning out the weather. and healing our bodies as we go. If the values and respect and these wise words from our parents. gets lost in this new way of life then they may never ever be a wise on born whom could work it all out. You see the devil took a bet with god if you create humans they will in the end distroy each other.. with this wisdom way of words. and bringing the past the present into the future. we will all be winners.
as the devil won,t be able to get through.=quote.=. bible= They,ll look for their evil deeds against others but won,t be able to find them

ghosts travelers in time

my theory of ghosts. is aspiritual beings. that once live in the house. of people living today. when some one shifts. from a place ,especially if the have lived there a lone time
thier minds go back to the old place they have lived in . like a sort of astral flying. and as most people look like thier forefathers and mothers. there image can stay for a while.
Going to a knew place was always a thing to do is to have a house warming party. so the vibres from the past tenants our family would be taken out and left behind would be the renters. these faces are the same thing when one goes astral flying into another family tree. don,t touch whats not yours before your time. or their family mistakes and anger can come in on one. most people when about around the 50 mark. has there past childhood and teenage years come back to them. Its like processing or back track in one own life to see. if there anything there that needs fixing or correcting in our children when we see them do it.They call it the change in life.If we go into denial when this happens and don,t exknoledge it. it causes stress and some times ill health on us
If we understand ourselfs and know what we did wrong when young. then undestand the wisdom of words of that mistake our bodies heals, when we get older the things we had done when yound is what comes back and if we can,t remember it then we get comfused and trip and fall or forget where we put things. there a lot of differant ways to handle the change of life but. by revisiting your past and anylizing it. is the most healthyest way

a rock and a hard place

There a lot more to our relationships then meets the eye.
In the years I was married. my husband would work late often . Id get suspicious of him thinking he was having anaffair.. things would come in on me and id check him out. but never caught him out.when a man has a relation ship with a women usually the man goes over the womens head. this he goes further into someone elses life the women comes down under her husband. when they rise in the mornings each has some one elses vibre s around them. a women can,t understand where her womeness has gone,
The actions of the husband of going over the head. inplants in the women subconsouus mind. then when she goes out around others she tries to go over others heads. this in turn causes arguement anger and blaming so when vibres block the love between the two of others live around them. quote= there is more then the two of us in this marriage
If the two partner arn,t at the same level as understand this part of life. they usually end up seperating.
our live with partnrer is and was based on trust, in gods terms.
the women stay down at shoulder lenght of her partner. the man keeped the wisdom not understood above his head. the women bent over the children and protected them from harm and took of the child things that were adult work their little mind don,t unerstand. untill they were old enough, There was womens talk and mens talk.
and these two were keeped apart untill men and god worked the wisdom of words out.
quot from the bible= men are delicate fragile person and can buckle under mistakes and pressure
. If women arent there to guide them back in line. with kindness not anger. and this is the adult roll god had intended for women. to guide me back in line with kindness if they should venture out of place.
women at shoulder length of men would protect children from things coming in on them. there minds don,t understand. and men are the logical worker outer with gods help. god would always talk to men spirituall. not to women as those whom respected this automatically understood his actions. One can see there a lot more to our relation ships then meets the eye. which causes a lot of wrong doing in society. So you see we are still very primitive. in how we handle going ahead to the future.

The weather clock

MYexperiences with my time travel and journey by astral flying was so mind boggling to obsurb all i did see by vision . prevent me from putting in place just where the disaster would happen. In 1997 I saw ahead the disaster that has happened world wide. but couldn,t pin point just what country it would accur god has given me the gift of life. vision healing power . and all the wisdom he knew of his plan for the survival of human life on this planet. the same power and wisdom jesus had. in how to progress to the future the right way.. when jesus was born in human form its because us as people needed to understand our true existance verbally as in the past it was done by spiritual talk and god realized that peoples mind all detemine his words differantly.
When i read something I only take from it what my minds wants to understand. and inprove furture on knoledge. as an indiviguals. ever living human being goes to god for help. where in their subconous minds or concous minds. regardless if they say the don,t believe in god. his plan for human survival and this planet. was a sure fired plan that no one else could change or alter.. There only one plan in history. that can save all human life. and thats gods plan we had to live by it not say it. and then help others to understand. to help other understand they have to help themseves. as the saying goes quote= never put an old head on a young persons shoulders. the old saying from our parents are as true to words as ever. these are wisdom words we need to live by and understand the true meaning of them and live by them

Top the middle and the bottom

In our life experiences. we all deep inside want to me god. and come face to face with him, in my experience of life one can,t go over the top. or come underneath. or stay in the middle, unless they aply the values they were taught as children. don,t touch whats not yours befor your time TWO meaning to ever thing. a spiritual one and a verble one gods book he has up there of everthing we say and do is whats blocking our view from god. untill those past mistakes are corrected against other. the view of god to us isobscurred
this astral flying I have done has proven to me that this to be true. we have all gone all around god chasing our own tails and not to him. But in turn god does not judge us. he uses our mistakes to improve further ahead. and brings in on to those wisest one. what he help other understands. as our mistakes are the corrects to the future. In my astral flying god connected me with other wise one . to bring in to them a message from god.and in turn they would send me a message for me to inprove on.
In our infants. we are at the bottom of our parents. as we learn right from wrong. be come at the middle our teenage years. then when and adult we are at the top.
If we leave mistakes. behind us. these mistake go on our children and comes out in different forms. like crime, abuse. nasty towards others and blaming..If we keep up with our mistakes and correct them in our children as we go then when retirement years comes we only have to. ask god what next wisdom do we do.. I know this sounds like a perfect world. but what path would anyone of us want to take. the path of human survival or the path of human distruction. I know which one i,d choose

.tick tock times awasting 2

We all know that what im writing is true and in our minds and subconsous minds the answer are all there of lifes most compled problems. its just a matter of bring it to the surface. and put in writing or said verbally so other can improve on it. The more we inprove on the past as far as our parents knew the more we open up the universe. between us and the planet we have past lived as humans. and in time we see all those planets so far, by the naked eye. and when this happens we will venture further out past jupitor.Ive only writing in this book what i myself have experienced or learn or understood of question that laid dorment. in our subconsous minds. unexplained.
In my travels in time I saw images and how god first start up of a speck in his eye we call be for bc. I saw the words that was written on a scroll. back in the early days..tis part might be a bit deep to explain. at this stage..When the devil took a bet with god that if he created humans they would end up distroying each other.Well over centries we have the devil lagging behind. and millions of light years ahead of the devil. this is one bet the devil won,t win. the more we understand. and improve on the more the devill will have trouble catching up the devil is not a person the devil is the action we do to others.with out thought or care for those they tresspass against. the more they tresspass the more god gives wisdom to improve on. so forgive those whom tresspass against up

The reason for living

god has a plan for all our lives, from the day we are born. but his plan for us as indiviguals get tangle up with ever one else plan. and we lose our way. so to unravel life most perplex problems. I used a way from the bible. which. i can show one how i. unravell things and other culture that come in on me..these words come in one people. and they act them out thinking its what is proper nd right. this huurts god and myself as well when we have found the right way to prevent crime and such. I,d break the word down in numeroldgy. as god intend us to do quote from the bible., then he instructed me 'Do not seal up what you have written for the time of fullfillment is near. and when that time comes all doing wrong will do itno more good wo-men will do better and those holly will continue on in greater holiness. QUOTE. see I am coming soon and my reward is with me to repay ever one of the deeds they have done. verse 13 lucky 13. i AM THE A/Z THE FIRST THE LAST. THE BEGINNING AND THE END. This a=z means that god intends us to use numeroledgy as a form of unravelling indiviguals word so they don,t get used in its wrong perspective against others.
I picked thedse words as they are action people use to hurt others.but any word that comes to mind can be broken down and understood

for starters words..= the gun=42-6 verse. psalms as deer pants for water i long for you
(6) yet i stand her depressed and gloomy but i will mediate on your kindness
the word shoot= 76=13=4=gods reputation is very great.(13)(4)your ever lasting words cannot commpare to others.
break each letter down the put the althebet alone side of it then add up the total. like so.g=7u=21. and n=14. add together= 42=6 then check the verse.
its as easy as A.B.C gods plan is the only plan that will save all human life and get us ahead to conquer the universe.this is a short cut to understand further ahead. of what comes in on us. we all get parts of the bible comes in on us.froom all differant cutures. so if we understand what part in time it is and what the wisdom of words meaning are it won,t cause us ill health. and death

the rock and the hard place 3

planning my life and what I wanted, nice home money and the good things we call happyness. this never happened for me as god had other plans for me.he was to use me to help other understand his wisdom of words. my journey throw live up to so far. has proven to me this to be true. he wanted me. to put together all the things he has shown me over the years. my mind never ventured from things that i knew would help lifes most perplexed problems.. younger years I,d think there has to be a better life for us all then just drink party. flash cars and money . none of these really brought happness it was only short lived. I found happness came from how one precieved life.
I still would like these nice thing of material possessions. but i must put this wisdom first and formost or my life and what ive learn will be fruitless.. first. is wisdom of words human survival. second was love. right eternal partner. third is money.. in the end we all will be healthy wealthy and wise. so we all be winners.these thoughts of how it will be one day. keeps me youthfull an denergies. to carry on.. retirement years are years of improving on our past mistakes. to benefit the next generations.and they in turn will improve further and benefit their generations. we have been programed to think booze. partyies. have children get old and die. this program of years of implanting it into our minds makes this happen. but retirement is years of backtracking. around our children and granchildren to make sure they are still up with the play of what they were taught.
there is moore to our live much much more. one never can stop learning its an on going process. that benefits every one. in time and in need

The weather patterns.

the experince I had with this friend of another culture. brought me to the realization of how we can controll the weather with our thought patterns. this includes the whole universe.. when we talk have one noticed how our words form the clouds. if we talk in the dark culture. our talking words change to a dark cloud. it rises up and forms clouds, these cloud travel round the world then come back to the family tree. quite often ive watched this happen and we become shorter and short. so when its comes back another season catch ones mistakes as it passes.or wisdom
the saying a ill wind blows no one any good
What ive noticed is in some culture that come in is twisters. of nastyness. against others are in the air. brace ones self there a storm coming. this is where the earth signs come in to play as they keep there feet firm on the ground and take the negativeness from the wind and brace the tension as it passes. Of the horoscopes. there.S= earth, fire, water,.air, Of the twelve horoscope sign the devide in to these 4 sign. each sign has the personality to handle these atmophereic conditions.
air allow clean air throw, fire brings in the warmth. and sun water brings the rain. and earth sign keeps the balance while other proform there play in keeping the weather in right play. I always like the saying that war survival people say. and that is LEAST WE FORGET If we forget our true reason for being on earth and the true way for all to survive and the true meaning of our birth. then we will all be up the creek with out a paddle. Our anger and our action our words. to one another all plays a part in rotateing the weather. to much of any one thing can cause extreme weather patterns. as in life to much of any one thing can cause ill health.. so what ever one does whether its life or weather, moderations always the key. to survival..

my visions of experiences

When I look bck on my childhood it was full of visions and thing I was wanting to know. This day I was walking up from the cow shed with my dad. he had to buckets of milk. to bring up to the house.we had a steep hill to climb. of the path my dad had made to make a short cut to the house. Ill help you carry on bucket. my little 5 years old wanting to be helpfull. 'No it will be to heavy for you can my dads reply. but i want to help you carry your load I replied. and if you spill it we woun,t have milk for breakfast.. Those word came back to me from time to time. over the years. and i,did help my dad carry the load of life. As we reached the top of the hill. it was still early but the sky was clear
and the daffidills were out and the picture of this clear sky and the sun trying to shine through. made me wonder then why there was no clouds in the sky. it was blue like a blank paper with the haze of the yellow sun . May be this was the start of my mine questioning the weather the sky. and there movements, maybe back as a five year old my subconous mind was storeing information Id. like to learn further on in life about. so all this has come to pass over the years. Waiting for the right answer. thet my mind felt satisfied with has brought up a conclusion of more and more to understand. so the learning progress for us into the future is never ending. If we learn one thing knew a day thats progress.


These experiences can only improve and get better as time goes on and others understand thier levels. the astral flying was a great inpacked on me as I saw so much in such a short time it was mind boggling . At the time I thought I,d never be able to remember all that I saw by vision. but since then an other the years gods brought back to me what I needed to know at that time. In each of these verses Ive written there is heaps more to be added. what god send to other is not for me to know , he only sends me, my part in to understand and improve on.i might have gone with out all the material goodies in life but this gift god has given me far out ways. any thing else Happness comes how one precieves life. I put this in writing as abook so other can read
and maybe help and improve their own way of looking at the world.and life its self
There is still one thing my mind working on and thats the vision i saw. of that earth would be keeped as a museum ,for us to come and visit from where we progressed fro
I actual saw this further ahead in the future. so has god got another planet. and we regererated from the rubbish he discarded from heaven. this to my mind picked up on while travelling in time do they already have this wisdom of words working further out in the universe. our knoledge comes from some where. do they have space ships as well
this will be my next book as god give me vision or word to put it in writing my theoryies of my fly past as i travel in time


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