The best PS3 games of 2010

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An overview of some of the best PS3 games released during 2010.


2010, like any other year, has seen a multitude of game releases with some good and some bad. This is an overview of the best PS3 games release during 2010, but there's a reason 'some' is referenced in the summary. I'm only including games I've actually played, though one is a bit iffy in terms of whether it should be on the list or not.

Call of Duty: Black Ops (COD: Black Ops)

Call of Duty: Black Ops is an easy one to name, partly because of the game belonging to a franchise. However, despite what reviewers may have said on other sites (mainly customer ones), I still found it to be a pretty good game with the singleplayer being exciting and full of set-piece moments. Granted, it may not be that much different to other games in the franchise, but it doesn't matter much.

The one downside though is that levelling up doesn't unlock perks for the multiplayer mode. It only unlocks guns. Plus, attachments and perks can be bought by just picking up cash rather than grinding out exp to level.


Rob Gilbert is one of the people responsible for Deathspank and of course, he was involved in the creation of some of Lucasart's adventure game titles such as Monkey Island.

The game itself is really quite amusing. On the simplest level, it's a hack and slash RPG but it also includes some adventure game elements. Throughout the game, players will collect lots of items with silly descriptions and the dialog/story in the game is also equally hilarious at times.

The one downside is that the levelling system isn't in-depth. However, it is a downloadable game only and that should be taken into account.

Demon's Souls

This isn't the iffy title mentioned because I've played the game, but it is iffy because it was released elsewhere prior to 2010 and only came to the UK this year, which is the reason it's on the list.

The game itself is an action RPG with a difference. It has unbelievable amounts of tension and atmosphere and it's also undeniably complex, alongside being one of (if not the hardest) game released this generation. This toughness though helps add to the game. While players can die easily, it's never because the game's cheap. It's because the player made a mistake and much of the game comes down to learning how new enemies attack and also the layouts of the levels. When players die as well, they lose all of their unspent exp (souls) and they respawn at the start of the level with all of the enemies back. If they can make it back to their bloodstain (where they died), they can get the souls back. However, if they die again, the souls are permanently lost. There's also a great amount of freedom in terms of allowing players to build any character they want and the multiplayer aspect is certainly unique.

If I had to pick any game for being the best, this would easily be a shoe-in, though the story is perhaps the one thing that lets it down. I mean, the game has atmosphere by the bucket loads (and it can be scary in at least of the game's worlds), but there isn't many cutscenes and characters to talk to. A lot is shown rather than told. But again, this does not matter because the gameplay is so good.

Red Dead Redemption

This game is similar to Grand Theft Auto IV in some ways, but instead of being set in a modern city, the game is a western and it's the first good (great even) one to come along for a long time.

The game's gameplay is good but it's nothing new in all honesty. What makes the game so good is the story, characters and the writing. The actual western setting and the ability to roam freely while hunting also helps.

Heavy Rain

This is a unique title, much like Demon's Souls in terms of being unique. But it doesn't share any gameplay similarities with that game. Instead, it is similar to the point and click adventure games of old, only without the puzzles. Indeed, there are no puzzles in this game and it's cinematic in nature, with plenty of dialog.

The game itself sees players control one of four characters depending on the current scene and they can move around, while carrying out various tasks such as investigate a crime scene or even pick up a carton of orange and drink from it. All of this, even the fight scenes, are controlled by using the PS3 pad in various ways. You may need to move the pad up or down, left or right or just press the buttons as indicated on the screen.

In addition, another inovative feature is the fact that if a character dies, the game goes on accounting for their death.

The story itself centres around a killer nick-named The Origami Killer who kills young children by killing them. The four characters are connected to the killer due to hunting said killer for various reasons. One of them needs to hunt the killer down or at least find one of the 'possible' victims, because his son has gone missing.

Honorable mentions

Now then, games I haven't played are going to be mentioned here. The honorable mentions are:

Gran Turismo 5

Assassin's Creed Brotherhood

God of War 3


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author avatar Denise O
18th Dec 2010 (#)

My son told me, these are good picks, I must trust
Thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar Rob Kentworth
22nd Dec 2010 (#)

Cheers for the comment, Denise.

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author avatar JoeStone
23rd Dec 2010 (#)

Gotta be COD

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author avatar Rob Kentworth
24th Dec 2010 (#)

For me, while it was released outside of the UK prior to 2010, Demon's Souls would be the winner thanks to how unique and hard the game is. Red Dead Redemption would instead be the replacement if Demon's Souls doesn't qualify in other people's eyes due to the release date. Heavy Rain is also a shoe-in thanks to being unique, but it's a short game when compared to Red Dead Redemption.

Black Ops is certainly a good game though. Don't understand the negativity surrounding it at all with customer complaints.

Thanks for reading and leaving a comment, Joe. :)

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author avatar Turtleman1981
12th Feb 2014 (#)

I absolutely loved Heavy Rain! The other games on this list I will have to check out.

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